Polls Lie: On 9/15, 67% favored ‘Fill SCOTUS Vacancy Immediately,’ On 9/19, Suddenly Only 42%

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After the polling fiascos leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Is it any wonder why conservatives don’t trust the validity of YouGov’s latest ‘Should Trump Fill SCOTUS Vacancy Immediately’ poll?
Now Conservatives have an even more blatant example of how the pollsters’ left-wing bias factors in on their supposed unbiased polling data.
A Marquette Law School poll conducted from September 8 to September 15, which would have been just three days before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, concluded that 67% of US voters said that any Supreme Court vacancies should be filled without delay before November’s election.
Support for filling a SCOTUS vacancy before the November 2020 election was strong across the political spectrum.
Party affiliation that answered ‘Yes, hearings on a new nominee to the Supreme Court should be held in 2020.’
Party IDHold hearingsNot hold hearings

Shockingly, NOT Shockingly, Four Days Later, The ‘Should Trump Fill SCOTUS Vacancy Immediately’ Does a 180.

As if by magic, or creative polling, that ‘Trump Should Fill the SCOTUS Vacancy Immediately’ support mysteriously vanished when the hypothetical became reality.

A snap poll released on Saturday by YouGov found that after Ginsburg’s death, NOW just 42 percent of respondents believed that President Donald Trump should nominate a new Supreme Court justice before the presidential election winner is inaugurated.

YouGov claims the split was on party lines.

Party affiliation that answered ‘Yes, hearings on a new nominee to the Supreme Court should be held in 2020.’

  • 86% of Republicans.
  • 12% of Democrats.
  • 40% of independents.

The YouGov poll also showed that if Trump nominates a replacement for Ginsburg this year, 45 percent of respondents want the Senate to confirm the new judge.

The party-line split was similar to the question about Trump making a nomination, with the main difference being stronger support among independents, at 45 percent.

Of course, there’s no need to tell you which poll the Mainstream Media will cite when they start reporting on how President Donald Trump is blatantly ignoring the supposed “Will Of The People”.

As Usual, The Democrats Hypocrisy Rears It’s Ugly Head

The YouGov SCOTUS vacancy polling numbers heading into the 2016 election vs the 2020 election.

YouGov SCOTUS Poll

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