Portland police seized numerous weapons, including firearms, after kettling dozens of ANTIFA ‘Peaceful Protesters,‘ (rioters) during a night of rioting, looting, and arson.

Law enforcement moved against the rioters on Friday when the group of ANTIFA demonstrators began breaking windows in Portland’s downtown area.

Portland Police Officers responded by establishing a perimeter around the ANTIFA members, announcing that they were being detained.

According to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), some of the demonstrators refused to comply and locked arms in an attempt to prevent officers from carrying out their orders.

Around 100 ANTIFA domestic terrorists were identified and photographed as part of an investigation into the criminal activity, before being released.

ANTIFA Were Armed For War Against Portland Police Officers

Officers discovered a variety of weapons left behind by protesters inside the perimeter, including a crowbar, hammers, bear spray, a high-impact slingshot, and knives.

Portland police confiscate guns, hammers & other weapons after corralling 100 ANTIFA Rioters' during violent demonstration
@Portland Police Bureau

ANTIFA Rioters Attack Portland Police Officers

Meanwhile, a group of ANTIFA members gathered outside the perimeter and began threatening officers.

Some reportedly threw rocks and full cans of beer at the police.

Law enforcement personnel responded by deploying pepper spray and firing one impact munition.

Several people were arrested, including two suspects who were carrying firearms.

In a press release, PPB listed 13 individuals charged with crimes ranging from unlawful possession of a firearm to attempted assault against an officer.

The arrests came a day after, as TuskerDaily reported Thursday night, dozens of black-clad ANTIFA activists clashed with federal agents outside the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse immediately after the feds removed the protective security fencing that had surrounded the building for months.

Portland has been the site of months of regular protests, many of them descending into violence.

Portland’s ANTIFA Rioting

Portland’s BLM/ANTIFA-led violence began following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police in May.

The ongoing unrest in the city has garnered national headlines and prompted then-President Donald Trump to condemn local officials for allowing “anarchists” to spread lawlessness.

Of course, Democrats led by now-President Joe Biden doesn’t believe ANTIFA exists and the reports of BLM/ANTIFA violence in Portland is a myth created by right-wing conspiracy theorists.


  1. Take it easy! they are only ”piecefull protestors” Not like the rabble at the Jan. 6th erection.

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  2. I’m disappointed, only 100 and merely arrested? They get out within the hour. lol ERECTION? Love it!

  3. Just think….a year ago they were “mostly peaceful protestors” that “Humpty Dumpty Nadler” thought was a myth and had “Camel Toe Harris” funding their “bail money”….all the while the liberal judges/prosecutors were releasing them with out any convictions ….Now that Beijing Biden is in office, there will be hell to pay for their actions, because Trump can not be the reason for their actions any more…

  4. […] escalated well beyond the George Floyd incident that was exploited by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, both groups of which also pushed a “Defund the Police” initiative that actually took hold in […]


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