After weeks of TuskerDaily reporting on Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis, we already knew things on America’s Southern Border were bad, but not in our wildest dreams could we have imagined it being this bad.

How bad has Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis become?

The situation has become so atrocious that even the Democrats’ liberal-bias mainstream media cohorts can no longer ignore how disastrous President Biden’s immigration policies have been.

But you know Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis is spiraling out of control when such loyal Democrat apologists such as CNN, and CBS are forced to report on just how poorly the Biden administration has been treating these illegal immigrant migrants, especially the children.

If this were former President Donald Trump instead of President Joe Biden, of course, the mainstream media would be regurgitating this story ad nauseam 24/7.

And without a doubt stuttering alcoholic, Nancy Pelosi and her band of unhinged House Democrats would have already had filed new articles of impeachment against President Trump.

America’s Southern Border Reality

  • In February, almost 10,000 unaccompanied children were apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol Agents.
  • In Joe Biden’s first full month as President (Feb. 2021) Border Patrol agents apprehended over 110,000 illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States.
  • In one South Texas detention center which had been designed to hold 250 people, the Biden administration is holding over 1,800 illegal immigrants.
  • In some children migrant centers, according to reports, it is so overcrowded Biden’s ‘kids in cages‘ have to take turns sleeping on the floor.
  • A lawyer for some of these migrant children visited one detention center where the kids complained about being hungry and only being allowed to shower once a week.
  • And even though by law they are only allowed to detain illegal immigrant children for 3 days, the Biden administration has been keeping these ‘kids in cages’ for far longer.

CBS News reported:

A “staggering number” of migrant children detained at a Border Patrol facility in south Texas face overcrowded conditions, with some held for as long as seven days, lawyers who interviewed them on Thursday told CBS News.

Neha Desai, a lawyer representing migrant youth in U.S. government custody, said she interviewed children who said they were hungry, as well as minors who only showered once in seven days.

On March 2, the Donna complex was holding more than 1,800 people — 729% of its pandemic-era capacity, which is designed for 250 migrants, according to an internal CBP document reviewed by CBS News.

Most of the minors said they had only showered once while in U.S. custody, even though they’d been held for more than five days, according to Desai. Some said they had showered twice.

Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis? What’s That?

Joe Biden continues to play dumb (but is he really playing?) as White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki almost daily refuses to call the spiraling out-of-control situation at America’s Southern border “a crisis“.

Instead either she responds

But if CNN is now (reluctantly) calling it a crisis, that should tell you all you need to know about what exactly Jen Psaki is trying to push.

Despite the Biden administration still clinging to their Clintonesque verbiage in calling Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis ‘a challenge.

Eventually, the White House had to admit that they, not Trump, made decisions that led to this large-scale illegal immigration influx.

So does that mean that Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis was planned and not spontaneous?

Of course, we’re not delirious enough to hold our breath waiting for any of those supposed mainstream media journalists to ask Jen Psaki, or President Joe Biden a tough question.


  1. Trump had this under control, Biden F ed it all up just because Trump was having success. Biden and the other Democrats are not interested in America or her people, they only car about hurting Trump. They are fake, foul, and F’d up

  2. You know what we all knew it was bad when Obie 2 Tone was for it. How many different labels are you going to put on illegals? We have had years of your leftist scheit. Either you politicians get off your backsides or we start illuminating you. I would like to see that you get removed from the USA right along with your illegals. You seem to think you can do whatever it is you want and call it legal. I think it`s you politicians that should pay for all of your illegal friends, not the American taxpayer.

  3. Why do we get to pay to feed these Mexican rats? Why did they bring them to our border? If we told them that they better come and get their kids because the American people are through feeding them would they come? Let`s dump them we have enough problems with the adults. They understand the meaning of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Enough fun and games with future socialist Democrat voters and population explosion.

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