Trump Appreciates Biden’s Support of China Travel Ban

President Trump announced who he thinks Joe Biden’s owes the Vice-President slot to…Elizabeth Warren.

In an interview with The New York Post in the Oval Office on Monday, Trump said he believed the presumptive Democratic nominee “owes” the Massachusetts senator the top spot on his ticket because he never would have gotten this far without her help.

“I think Elizabeth Warren is responsible for Joe Biden’s win because she didn’t drop out and [Vermont Sen.] Bernie [Sanders] would have won every single state on Super Tuesday,” 

I think he should pick Elizabeth Warren because Elizabeth Warren, more than any other person, including [South Carolina Rep.] Jim Clyburn and including anybody you can name, is responsible for the win of Joe Biden.”

“She was responsible for his win so therefore I think he owes an obligation to pick Pocahontas,” 

Trump Questions If He’ll Even Be Facing Clueless Joe

President Trump also questioned whether the former vice president, 77, would actually wind up the Democratic party’s nominee.

“If he’s gonna win — and I don’t know that he makes it to the starting gate — but if he does make it to the starting gate, [Warren is] responsible,”

A number of female Democratic lawmakers are furiously lobbying to become Biden’s running mate after he pledged to select a woman for vice president.

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