President Donald Trump delivered an inspirational speech about God and Redemption at the ‘HOPE for Prisoners’ graduation ceremony.


While hypocrite Democrats hilariously claim President Trump only passed criminal justice reform to pander for 2020 votes.

President Donald Trump has proven, beyond all doubt, that he believes people deserve the opportunity to earn a second chance and rejoin society as a law-abiding citizen.

HOPE for Prisoners assists formerly incarcerated people with reentry into society by providing long-term support and services.

Founder Jon Ponder experienced significant challenges on his release from prison and noted the lack of resources for others in his condition. He started HOPE for Prisoners to help others.


While Democrats Pander, President Trump Gets It Done

Hypocrite Democrats who have been declaring ‘vote for us and we’ll pass criminal justice reform’ for the past 30 years. But it took Republican Donald Trump being elected President to actually accomplish it.

And while the Democrats claim this is nothing but an attempt by Donald Trump to win votes, their Trump-hating feelings aren’t facts.

President Trump has been consistent in his beliefs. Often expressed his support of criminal justice reform, signing into law several acts that reduced sentencing, shortened jail terms, and stopped the chaining of women in prison as they give birth.

His appearance at the HOPE for Prisoners graduation only goes to reaffirm President  Trump’s commitment to second chances and investing in people who have been incarcerated as worthwhile members of our community.

God and Redemption

President Trump went on to give an inspiring speech to the graduates, stirring sentiments of God and redemption:

“To the 29 graduates who are returning to your families, you have paid your debt to society and shown a commitment to change,”

“You’ve overcome many challenges, broken free of addiction, learned new skills, and replaced old habits with fresh resolve.”

“Your future does not have to be defined by the mistakes of the past,” he said. “Today we declare that you are made by God for a great and noble purpose and you are valued members of our American family. We are determined to help you succeed and we are going to work with you.”

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