President Trump Taunts CNN After Rioters Attack The Clown News Network’s HQ

Trump taunts CNN on Twitter after rioters attack network’s Atlanta headquarters
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President Trump Taunts CNN after their fake news network’s Atlanta headquarters was attacked by protesters rioters.

President Trump retweeted a supporter who noted what she called the “irony” of the violence.

Trump retweeted conservative supporter “Melissa A.,” who snarked that the network was “being attacked by the very riots they promoted as noble & just.”

The retweeted post included a video clip of hundreds of protesters, some of whom scrawled graffiti — including the words “F— Trump” — on a giant CNN logo and busted the building’s glass entrance.

Of course, it would not be shocking if CNN claims that their Clown News Network HQ was attacked by disgruntled Trump supporters outraged over their unbiased ‘facts first’ Trump-Hate reporting.

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