President Trump Tearing Apart Warren, Sanders in Florida Poll

Many of President Donald Trump’s critics have routinely claimed over the past year that he is such a despised and weak president that virtually any of the Democratic candidates vying for their party’s nomination in 2020 could easily defeat him in the election.

That increasingly doesn’t appear to be the case, however, as polling over the past couple of months — particularly in the wake of the sham impeachment launched by House Democrats — has surprisingly shown an increase in support for the president that has translated into his leading all or most of his potential competitors in hypothetical matchups.

On Tuesday, Politico reported that a recent poll out of Florida revealed that of the four top-tier Democratic candidates, only former Vice President Joe Biden held a slim lead over Trump — two points in a poll with a four-point margin of error.

From Dec. 11-16, 2019, pollsters for Mason-Dixon queried 625 registered voters in Florida that proportionally represented voters in all counties in the state and actually had a pretty even ideological breakdown of 37 percent Democrat, 36 percent Republican and 27 percent independent.

While the Trump-hating talking heads in the media will no doubt focus on the fact that Biden prevailed over Trump in this poll by a count of 47-45 percent, with 8 percent undecided, even they will have to admit that Biden enjoys only an uncomfortably thin margin of victory.


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