Press Outraged Over Trump Not Telling Them About His Foray Outside Walter Reed

President Trump waves from COVID limo
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Hysterically, The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) on Sunday ripped into  President Donald Trump‘s brief foray out of his hospital room to acknowledge the show of support from his MAGA supporters who’ve taken up residence outside of Walter Reed Hospital.

Calling it “outrageous” and criticizing the white house lack of transparency around the photo op, WHCA President Zeke Miller said in a statement:

“It is outrageous for the president to have left the hospital — even briefly — amid a health crisis without a protective pool present to ensure that the American people know where their president is and how he is doing.

Now more than ever, the American public deserves independent coverage of the president so they can be reliably informed about his health.”

Of course, the irony is if the WHCA truly believed this was a blatant publicity stunt by President Trump, instead of a spur-of-the-moment decision as the White House claims.

Then, in reality, wouldn’t President Trump have notified the press of every minuscule detail of his pre-planned photo-op?

Instead, on Sunday evening the media were severely triggered after a video showing the President’s motorcade passing by a large group of cheering MAGA supporters, with a masked President Trump visibly waving his thanks from the back seat went viral.

Mainstream Media’s Butt-Hurt Over Trump Not Including Them

The video posted on Twitter, enraged mainstream media reporters who started screeching about safety concerns over the president going for a ride while being infected with a highly contagious virus that has killed more than 205,000 people in the U.S.

And after Deputy White House press secretary Judd Deere issued a statement stating:

“President Trump took a short, last-minute motorcade ride to wave to his supporters outside and has now returned to the Presidential Suite inside Walter Reed,” 

The liberal-biased media screamed in unison ‘Not good enough dammit, not good enough!’

Not surprisingly, the butt-hurt press then pointed to President Trump’s supposed lack of transparency and conflicting messages about his health in recent days as proof of the White House’s lack of transparency.

Of course, while lambasting White House physician Sean Conley’s initial Saturday morning presser for leaving out information that the media deemed relevant.

MSM failed to report that in America we have laws known as HIPAA, which allows the President’s medical staff to divulge only whatever confidential medical information that Donald Trump has authorized them to release.

Just because the media demands confidential medical information such as Trump’s heart rate, and/or his oxygen saturation rates, doesn’t mean they’re entitled to it if President Trump refused to divulge it.

The press also accused President Trump of risking the lives of his secret service agents riding inside the car.

While the media went on and on about the COVID infected President, locking himself inside an airtight vehicle with his secret service detail. They conveniently forget to report that the President’s limousine air system is heavily filtered to prevent any possible biological attack.

Hours later President Trump took to Twitter to point out the media’s hypocritical whining.

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