Pro-Trump Truck Convoy Flying MAGA and American Flags Escort Biden-Harris Bus Out Of Texas

Pro-Trump Truck Caravan Flying MAGA and American Flags Escort Biden-Harris Bus Out Of Texas
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A convoy of 100 pro-Trump pickup trucks flying MAGA and American Flags surrounded a Biden-Harris bus and escorted them out of Texas.

Eric Cervini, an unhinged liberal Biden supporter cried that he traveled to Texas to participate in a driving tour in support of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Cervini whined on Twitter that over 100 Pro-Trump trucks lined up along Interstate 35 between San Antonio and Austin Friday to ambush the Biden-Harris bus, which he claimed they surrounded and tried to force off the road.

Video shows the Pro-Trump truck convoy escorting the Democrat bus up the highway.

A blogger who goes by the Twitter account name “L” called the long line of trucks “the most badass thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Another video posted on youtube by Austin television reporter Jordan Bontke had a videographer laughing and commenting that it was the funniest thing he’s even seen as he watched the Biden bus getting escorted out of Texas.

Trump Loves Texas.

While President Trump praised the stunt, Democrats, right on cue, decried it as “dangerous harassment” that forced them to cancel campaign events.

President Trump was impressed by this show of support, retweeting the video and saying “I LOVE TEXAS!  which only drew more criticism from Democrats crying he was supporting their “tactics of fear and intimidation.”

Democrats Play Their “Trump’s Endangering Our Lives” Card

Democrat Austin City Council Rep. Sheryl Cole retweeted Democrat Texas legislator Rafael Anchía lie about the Pro-Trump caravan consisting of armed Trump trolls and accusing them of ramming volunteer vehicles and blocking traffic for 40 minutes.

Of course, similar to how the Democrats only read the headlines, what they think happened…Didn’t.

Below is the video in which Anchía claims proves that a Pro-Trump truck purposely sideswiped a supposed Biden supporter. BUT…

The video shows the Biden bus went from the center lane to the right lane cutting off the Black Pro-Trump truck who swerved into the center lane to avoid being hit by the Biden bus and unfortunately hit the white car.

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