Ralph Northam Gets Slammed For Extending Virginia’s Lockdown

Virginia Gov Ralph Northam
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Ralph Northam the blackface/Hoodie wearing Governor of Virginia was one of the first governors to shut down bars, restaurants, salons, and gyms in his state.

Not to mention ‘Coonman’ canceling school the remainder of Virginia’s school year which wouldn’t’ have ended until almost the middle of June…IN MID-MARCH!

Originally Racist Ralph only shut down ‘non-essentials’ until April 23, before he magically extended it for another two weeks which now brings his Third Reich lockdown to May 8.

Oh, and did we mention Ralph Northam’s official ‘stay at home’ BS he issued in March doesn’t end until June 10… JUNE F’N 10th, WTH???

Ralph Northam’s idiocy might make sense if Virginia was actually a hotbed for the Coronavirus buuuuut, it’s not.

Especially when one looks at Virginia in a non-Nazi-like way. Because parts of the commonwealth have hardly been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Fox News, Laura Ingraham blasted Ralph Northam, Virginia’s blackface/Hoodie wearing imbecilic Governor:


From whsv.com:

That means, effectively, that until May 8, gatherings of more than 10 people are banned and all businesses that had to initially close due to the order have to remain closed until May 8 at the earliest.

“As we have seen from our data and models, social distancing is working, and we are slowing the spread of this virus,” said Governor Northam. “But it is too early to let up. By extending this order to keep certain businesses closed or restricted, we can continue to evaluate the situation and plan for how to eventually ease restrictions so that our businesses may operate without endangering public health.”

The Stay at Home order, which was issued through Executive Order 55, remains in effect until June 10, as it was originally set.

The governor said he and his team will continue to monitor health data over the coming weeks to determine what happens next, after the May 8 expiration date.

What Virginians need is to have another Second Amendment-like Richmond protest.

Earlier this year thousands of Virginians descended on Richmond to protest Governor Ralph Northam and his liberal fascist Democrats gun-grab.

Now we need another march on Virginia’s capital to let the states Democrat leaders that there is something called the United States Constitution.

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