Oscar El Blue, a Mexican journalist reporting for “America’s Voice News,” captured the speech by U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)  to Muslim Mexicans at a makeshift mosque on the U.S. – Mexico border, in Tiajuana, Mexico.

After the prayer service was completed, Tlaib spoke to the Muslim group and thanked them for putting a “human face” to the wall, adding she wanted to come there to let her fellow Muslims know she “sees” and “hears” them. Rashida Tlaib told the group that she doesn’t “see a wall,” but instead, “sees families separated.” Tlaib told the crowd that she sees “veterans who put their lives to defend ours, ripped away from the country they adopted.” (We’re not sure what that means.)

The Muslim freshman lawmaker told them she was there “not only as a woman that grew up in the most beautiful black city in the country, in the city of Detroit but also as a proud Palestinian American. Tlaib told them, “I am a proud Muslim,” adding that she works really hard, “not just to tear down walls in Mexico, but also in Palestine.”

The United States Congresswoman trashed capitalism and corporations in America, telling the mostly Mexican citizens, “I know when I look at any broken system. I look at who benefits the most. It’s always people who are making money off our pain.” She added, “These are the same people who are poisoning our air, our water. These are the same people who are making money off incarcerating our black brothers.” Then, incredibly, Tlaib told the crowd, “These are the same people who make money off of caging our children.”

As a side note: Barack Obama was the first President to put fencing between kids and adults, as a way to keep the human traffickers and pedophiles being held in the same facilities.

What happened next, was incredible. U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib stood in a foreign country and trashed the President of the United States. She told the crowd that as she approached the wall from the U.S. side in Baja, California, it reminded her of her grandmother in Palestine, “This is the same president that separated me from her, and they’re doing it to so many of my incredible neighbors.” It’s not clear who they are or who her neighbors are that “they’re doing it to.”

Of course the truth is Israel granted Rashida Tlaib permission to visit her grandmother as long as she agreed not to give any of her pro-Palestinian / Antisemitic political speeches.

The anti-Semitic Tlaib refused to abide by Israel’s conditions so the only thing that keeping her separated from visiting granny is herself.

At the end of her speech, Tlaib compared the wall to Black Lives Matter.


After filming the Muslim prayer service, and Tlaib’s anti-Trump, anti-capitalism speech, Blue attempted to speak to Tlaib, but her handlers refused to let her speak to him.

If you don’t already follow Oscar El Blue on Facebook, you should. He does a great job of exposing the lies you hear from the media about what’s happening on our southern border.

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