Yesterday’s impeachment hearings that led to the partisan vote to impeach President Trump was loaded with rhetoric from both sides of the aisle.

It was an opportunity for many in Congress to get their first shot on the national stage in front of millions of viewers.

We were able to get a glimpse at some of the rising stars in both parties. One such star is Representative Guy Reschenthaler from Pennsylvania.

I’ll admit, the freshman Republican hadn’t hit my radar before yesterday, but when he did he did so in style.

He claimed there is no prima facie case here, meaning the prosecutors did not even meet the basic requirement of establishing some evidence that, at face value, indicates their case has merit.

He would know, as he’s been in every seat in court cases.

He was a prosecutor as well as a defense attorney in the Navy, and he served as a district judge before running for the state legislature.

“As a lawyer, I would defend this case every day of the week,” 

“As a judge, I would dismiss this on day one for lack of merit. There’s not prima facie case here. I’ll tell you who I’d prosecute, though.

I’d prosecute Adam Schiff for abuse of power.”


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