In March 2019, Ricardo Munoz Stabbed 4 people in 2019, one of those victims was a 16-year-old, and this Is who BLM and Antifa are riotings over in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

As TuskerDaily wrote in an op-ed last week, it no longer matters if the Police shot a convicted felon who is attacking them with a weapon, or what the officer’s bodycam shows. These Black Lives Matter, Anifa supposed ‘Peaceful Protesters‘ will riot.

Ricardo Munoz Stabbed 4 People in March 2019

In March 2019 Ricardo Munoz, at the time was 25, cops responded to a 911 call for a stabbing found Munoz standing on the street, holding a knife to his own throat, according to a law enforcement press release.

On Monday, March 4, 2019, at approximately 1510 hrs. Officers from Lancaster Bureau of Police, Platoon C, were dispatched to the area of the 500 blk. N. Queen St. for a report of a fight that was in progress.

While Officers were en-route, additional information was received that someone at the scene of the fight had been stabbed. The first Officers were on scene within (2) minutes of being dispatched. Those Officers saw that there was a male on the west sidewalk. The male, later identified as Ricardo Munoz M/25, was holding a knife. Munoz saw the Officers and held the knife to his own throat.

The Officers gave commands to Munoz to drop the knife but he did not comply. Munoz attempted to climb over a handrail toward the front of a residence.

An Officer deployed an Electronic Control Weapon (ECW) (commonly referred to by the brand name Taser) on Munoz. After the ECW had been deployed, Officers were able to take Munoz into custody and secure the knife. Munoz was initially checked for injuries to his hand at LGH, discharged from the hospital, and then transported to the Police station.

Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®

Police went on to add:

  • The officers found a 16-year-old male to the rear of the property with “multiple injuries” as a result of a stabbing.
  • The juvenile male had stab wounds to his face, right thigh, left ankle, and the right side of his torso. He was rushed to the hospital in serious, but stable condition.
  • A 22-year-old woman suffered a slash injury to one of her hands. She was treated at the hospital and released.
  • A 26-year-old man suffered a slash wound to his head. He was treated at the hospital and released.
  • Another 26-year-old man suffered a stab wound to his left arm. He was treated at the hospital and released.

Munoz was charged with four counts of felony assault and initially held on $1 million bail, according to court records.

Incredibly, Ricardo Munoz was able to secure the hefty sum a short time later and had been ordered held under house arrest at his mother’s home on Laurel Street — the same building from which he charged at a cop with a knife on Sunday.

Police bodycam footage released about six hours after the shooting shows Munoz running out of a home with a knife. The lone officer ran from him then turned around and shot him.

BLM, ANTIFA No Longer Need A Reason To Riot, Loot, & Hunt Down Police Officers

The killing immediately sent BLM, Antia rioters into the streets of Lancaster, some of them vandalizing cop cars and hurling bricks as they converged on a local police stationhouse.

In the aftermath of the rioting, Lancaster city police arrested 13 people on arson and riot-related charges outside the Lancaster Bureau of Police headquarters.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa anarchists have given up pretending that their rioting, looting, and arson are ‘Peaceful Protests’ aimed at seeking justice and Police reform.

BLM and Antifa simply want to tear America apart, now if only the mainstream media would catch on to this fact.