Gotta love those Democrats, the moment their ‘What Riots? These Are Peaceful Protests‘ loony-toon train goes off the rails, they quickly jump on the ‘Boogaloo Boys’ bandwagon.’

Without providing any evidence, Richmond, Virginia Chief of Police Gerald Smith said he believes that members of the Boogaloo boys (and Antifa) were part of the hundreds of people who marched to Richmond Police Headquarters during a demonstration in support of protesters in Portland, Oregon.

Chief Smith stated during a news conference Sunday afternoon.

“We have identified some individuals who have been seen with the Boogaloo boys and some Antifa groups around the area,” 

“The majority of those individuals who were there last night were Caucasian.”

Never-Trumpers such as octopus-porn loving Kurt Eichenwald, like all Democrats, conveniently ignored the part where he also said that he believed some in the crowd were Antifa-influenced.

Smith announced 17 arrests were made and three summons were issued Sunday night.

The charges include trespassing, pedestrian in roadway, falsifying ID to the police to avoid arrest, riot with a dangerous weapon, transporting loaded rifle in the city limits, and rioting.

Here’s a partial list of those arrested, many of which were local residents. Of course, this goes against another of the Democrat’s ludicrous claims that the rioters injecting themselves into BLM’s peaceful protests, were outside agitators.

  • Emily Anderson, 21, Williamsburg – Rioting
  • Mekdas Charles, 21, Falls Church – Trespassing
  • Madeleine Conger, 30, Charlottesville – Trespassing
  • Elsi Del Pino, 25, Richmond – Trespassing
  • Robert Fleece, 36, Henrico – Transporting a Loaded Rifle within City Limits, Possessing a Weapon with an Extended Magazine
  • Jack Glass, 24, Richmond – Rioting with a Weapon (Felony)
  • Markeith Jackson, 25, Richmond – Transporting a Loaded Rifle within City Limits
  • Ronald Johnson, 33, Henrico – Transporting a Loaded Rifle within City Limits
  • Lila-Jad Koumtakoun, 22, Richmond – Pedestrian in the Roadway, False ID to Police to Avoid Arrest
  • Taylor Maloney, 20, Richmond – Trespassing
  • Robin Proffer, 26, Henrico – Trespassing
  • Travis Pulley, 45, Richmond – Riot with a Weapon (Felony)
  • Mitchell Shue, 26, Herndon – Trespassing
  • Dexter Superville, 21, Richmond – Rioting, Possession with Intent to Deliver Crack Cocaine
  • Justin Tenney, 27, Richmond – Block Traffic, No Seatbelt, Driver’s License Not in Possession
  • Two Juveniles – not identified


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