Robert De Niro Attacks President Trump's Kids on 'The View'

Actor Robert De Niro used his Monday appearance on ABC’s “The View” to continue his attacks on President Donald Trump, and this time he criticized Trump’s children as well.

After a companionable time of joining the show’s hosts in attacking the president, the long-time Trump antagonist was asked by co-host Joy Behar about Trump’s family.

“You also talk about his children and you say they’re like a gangster family too,” she said.

“I don’t want my kids to take this the wrong way, but if my kids did what these kids did, I wouldn’t want to be related to them,” De Niro said. “I would disown them. I’d have a serious talk with them — I’d have a serious talk with them.

“First of all, it’s an impossibility. My kids are not like that, of course.”

De Niro’s segment on the show began with “View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg asking him to talk about the House Democratic impeachment inquiry against Trump.

“We have to do this,” the actor said. “We have to go through the motions. Symbolically it means something. It’s a taint on his presidency. Not just a taint. It’s a stain. One that he deeply deserves.”

De Niro said he knows that after the Senate refuses to convict Trump on the articles being voted upon by the House, Trump is going to say he “beat it, like a gangster. ‘I beat the rap. I beat them, like a Teflon Don.’ He has to take that punishment. He has to pay the consequences.”

During the show, Behar asked if Trump was worse than what she called the psychopathic characters De Niro had played over the years, which would include numerous murderers and gangsters.

“To me he is,” De Niro replied.

He said Trump “has no understanding that I can see of the outside world other than anything around him. He has no idea what his purpose in life as the president should be.”

De Niro then came to his bottom line on the president.

“He’s a lowlife. He’s a lowlife,” the actor said. “And he knows he’s a lowlife.”


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