Actress and #MeToo pioneer Rose McGowan has continued her all-out assault on the Democratic Party, sparring with La La land liberals over their 2020 presidential pick Joe Biden.

McGowan, following up her Thursday tweetstorm, went off on Friday night in which dubbed Alyssa Milano and other Hollywood Democrat hypocrites as “frauds,” and “monsters”.

She first tangled with her fellow actor, and fake coronavirus victim and Biden apologist Alyssa Milano.

Milano taking time out from her defending her fraudulent COVID claim, responded to McGowan’s earlier tweetstorm with a thread outlining how the Democrats had “[made] the world a better place.”

Milano’s thread did not go over well, with McGowan accusing her of “conveniently” omitting details from her history, quoting rock star Marilyn Manson.

McGowan, and Milano’s Twitter catfight then drew Tara Reade into the fray.

Reade a former Biden Senate staffer who alleges that she was sexually assaulted by creepy Joe in 1993, tearing into Milano as “complicit” and an “enabler of rape.”


Rose McGowan Targets Actress and Donald Trump hysteric Patricia Arquette

After Arquette responded to an earlier tweet by shifting the discussion to the GOP, McGowan asked if she had forgotten about “all the drone bombing in other countries done by your beloved Democrats.” 

McGowan’s anti-Democrat rants have stoked a wave of criticism among opponents of President Trump, with detractors insisting the tweets would only score points for the Republicans and Trump’s reelection bid.

Apparently looking to beat back that perception, the actress pointed to an “anti-Trump open letter” she says she penned in 2014, adding “So all of you saying I’m helping Trump get elected can suck it.”