With the media politicizing the tragic death of Capital Police Officer Brian Sicknick, ‘The enemy of the people’ once again shows why President Trump labeled them so.
Google ‘Brian Sicknick’ and hundreds of stories appear from every major news outlet.
Reading some of the accompanying excerps it becomes clear how the media is using this tragedy to push their Trump/MAGA hatred:

Newsweek – the U.S. Capitol Police officer who died while … “Officer Sicknick was responding to the riots.

The SunUS Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick dies after being hit by fire extinguisher during MAGA riot.

Washington PostU.S. Capitol police officer dies after engaging rioters
NY Daily News – Officer Brian Sicknick, mortally wounded by a fire extinguisher to the head while defending the U.S. Capitol from rioters, was a true American.
BuzzFeed – Officer Brian D. Sicknick died after being injured while on duty during the attempted coup.
Without question, TuskerDaily condemns the violence that took place by some angry Trump-supporters who stormed the Capital.
We are sickened knowing that the actions taken by some of my fellow MAGA supporters led to the death of not only officer Sicknick but 4 other lives as well.
But with that said.
This article is meant to show the utter hypocrisy of the ‘Defund The Police’ supporting Trump-Hate media who pounced on this tragedy in order to politicize it.
No more evidence is needed to prove just how egregious the press has become during the Trump era, than comparing how the news outlets who are presently gaslighting the killing of Officer Sicknick.
To how these very same media outlets covered the equally horrifying murder of retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn during the Breonna Taylor BLM/ANTIFA riots.
The keywords used by the liberal-bias media reporting on Officer Sicknick’s death center around using the words “Trump”, “MAGA”, “Riots”, “Rioting”, and “Coup”.
Not surprisingly, many of these news media reporting on Officer Sicknick’s death at the hands of Trump-supporters failed to write a single word about Capt. Dorn being murdered at the hands of BLM supporters.
The few media outlets that actually did cover David Dorn’s murder used keywords such as “peaceful protests”, “robbery”, “St. Louis”, and “Retired Police Captain”.
Here are a few excerpts showing how the media skewed their coverage:
CNN – A St. Louis man has been charged with murder in the death of retired St. Louis police officer David Dorn, who was shot during a pawn.
CBS – He was shot to death on the sidewalk outside Lee’s Pawn Shop in St. Louis. David Dorn, who was Black, was a friend of the owner and would…
DailyMail – Mark Jackson, 22, charged with second-degree murder of David Dorn, 77 · He is the second man to be charged with the murder of the retired police…

Of course, if you Google “David Dorn” on the first page of results you’ll not see a single link to such mainstream media news outlets as The New York Times, WaPo, Newsweek, and Buzzfeed because they didn’t find the murder of Capt. David Dorn newsworthy enough to write about.

CNN Shows Their Egregious Double-Standard…AGAIN!

While CNN is currently placing all the blame for Officer Sicknick’s death on Trump and his supposedly brainwashed racist supporters.

CNN didn’t have to worry about explaining away the connection between BLM supporters, and the murder of Capt. Dorn.

The reason why is obvious, since CNN didn’t say a single word on-air about David Dorn’s Murder, they never needed to.

CNN also used other tricks to keep their readers from connecting the dots.

While CNN did write about David Dorn’s death. In an article titled: Retired St. Louis Police captain killed after responding to a pawnshop alarm during looting.

Despite, David Dorn being murdered by the BLM supporters who broke into the pawnshop while they were taking part in the Breonna Taylor riots.

CNN managed to avoid writing the words “BLM”, “Protests”, “Riots”, “Breonna Taylor”, or “Rioting” in their article.

And here is the featured image CNN used for this story:

David Dorn was murdered by BLM supporters

Now let’s compare CNN’s coverage of Capt. David Dorn to that of Officer Brian Sicknick. 

In their article titled: Federal murder investigation to be opened in Capitol Police officer’s death

CNN used the words “Trump” 5 times. “Riot” 3 times. “Mob” once, “Insurrection” once, and “Attack” 2 times.

And here is the featured image CNN used for this story:

Brian Sicknick

Now They Want Us To Believe They Care About Police Officers?

After almost a year’s worth of news networks allowing unhinged Democrats and BLM advocates to lecture America, that we must ‘Defund The Police.’
The news media offered no pushback as they allowed guests to claim that every single Police Officer in America was a racist white supremacist who wakes up each morning wanting nothing more than to kill a black man.
But when a police officer is killed trying to stop Trump-supporters from storming the Capital building.
NOW, the media wants us to believe that they care about the safety and well-being of our brave Police Officers?
To me, this is the most repugnant story I had ever written because I was forced to use the death of Police officer Brian Sicknick in order to show just how reprehensible the media has become. 
I feel sick knowing this, but I also know that the story had to be written, but that doesn’t make me feel any less disgusted. 



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