Democrats are soooo self-assured that everyone would be a million times better if they were in charge, but I am not sure given that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can’t even coordinate with each other:

The #FamiliesFirst Coronavirus Response Act will unlock billions for New York to contain the virus’s spread, cover mounting costs, and to go at the virus with full force.

Yeah! How dare you delay you inhuman Republican monsters! Don’t you know all our toilet paper is infected with coronavirus????!

Oh wait, wait …

Ohhhh well that’s kinda awkward.

So either Schumer is a complete idiot (very possible) and doesn’t know that this delay is necessary because of Pelosi’s technical correction, OR he knows that he can blame Trump and the Republicans and the media will go along with it (also very possible).

Either way. I don’t think we should trust these idiots with our well-being. That being said, wash your hands and avoid crowds, but stop buying toilet paper that makes zero sense.



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