See The Moment When A Police Officer Saves Child Who Stopped Breathing At A Protest

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All that mattered to him was saving the baby.

Police in southern California saved a choking baby after a distressed mother flagged down officers at a local protest.

While tensions between police officers and protestors are high, there are moments when politics fade away and all that matters is saving a life.

That’s what happened when a Sheriff’s Station Deputy in Palmdale, CA was on his normal patrol near a park where a small protest was taking place. Deputy Cameron Kinsey was there to keep the peace, so he was standing further back from the crowd in a parking lot.

Security camera footage captured the dramatic moment when two women carrying a baby rushed over to him from the direction of the protest. The baby had stopped breathing and had become unresponsive.

In the video, you can see the mother of the child patting him on the back as the other woman flags down Kinsey, who was standing nearby, monitoring the protest.

Kinsey rushes over and takes the baby from his mother. He used his finger to sweep the child’s throat and clear his airway. After a few pats to the back, the baby started breathing again.

“Mom did the right thing,” Kinsey told the Antelope Valley Press. “She was quick-thinking and started patting him on the back to dislodge whatever he had stuck in there. I saw that. I saw she was scared and kind of frantic, so I ran over and I grabbed the baby. At that point training just took over.”

An ambulance quickly arrived to take the 11-month-old baby to the hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove a quarter that had gotten lodged in his throat.

Since the footage was posted to the Sheriff Department’s Facebook page on Tuesday, it’s been shared thousands of times and has gotten hundreds of comments praising Kinsey for his swift action.

“Most law enforcement people are good. Things like this happen every day but usually it is the rare bad thing that media focus on. Well done, officer,” one person wrote.

“What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing this kindest that most people are kind and willing to help their fellow man,” another person commented.

Kinsey, who has been a deputy in Palmdale for six years, says this is the first time he was called upon to perform a life-saving technique. As for all the attention he’s been getting from media outlets, he said, “it’s a little bit uncomfortable.”

Way to go, Deputy Kinsey! You’re a hero in our book.




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