Sen. Tim Scott Lays The Trump Smackdown On ‘The View’

Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina was on The View, to try to answer questions being spewed by the shows 'Trump-Hating' unhinged liberals
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Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina was on ABC’s The View Friday, to try to answer questions being asked by the shows unhinged liberal co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg (Joy Behar was absent).

Whoopi dearly wanted Scott to answer the liberal imbecilic claim that President Trump is somehow responsible for thousands of people dying from coronavirus:

You know, when we’re talking about something like COVID, you know, he keeps blaming China and then Obama, and then, you know, the models show that perhaps if we had done an earlier lockdown, 36,000 fewer people would have died. I guess the question is, does that fall on his shoulders?

Of course, Whoopi failed to mention that many of those 36,000 needless deaths were caused by Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Not only did Cuomo start his state coronavirus response far later than President Trump.

Cuomo also instituted a policy of sending elderly coronavirus victims back to Nursing homes cost the lives of thousands. Something Fox News Janice Dean heartbreakingly pointed out.

This week, Gov. Cuomo reversed his policy, and then laughably claimed no one should be held responsible for those elderly patients needlessly dying.

After the Views leftist imbeciles were finished, Meghan McCain allowed Scott the opportunity to address the mainstream media’s Liberal-biased coverage.

Did The View’s Liberal Women Grow Some Balls Overnight?

Of course, The View’s tough question on Friday was in sharp contrast to the softballs they threw at Chuck Schumer on Thursday.

The View’s unhinged liberal hosts gave Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer free rein on their show to spin for Democrats on coronavirus relief, Obamagate and the 2020 presidential election.

Schumer was on for nearly half the show, excluding commercials and was only given two semi-challenging questions, both from co-host Meghan McCain.

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