Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer a once-proud defender of the Senate’s traditions, history, and precedents, is throwing all that overboard including the Senate’s Filibuster rules knowing the Democrats have until the 2022 mid-term elections to pass their radical liberal agenda.

Of course, this shouldn’t be shocking to anyone who follows politics, since Chuck Schumer, once a staunch advocate of the Senate’s Filibuster rules has spent much of his lengthy political career being a massive hypocrite.

Since becoming the Senate majority leaders, Schumer is doing whatever he can to destroy anything and everything our great republic had been founded on.

Since Donald Trump pulled off the greatest political upset in American history, the Democratic Party has looked less than the ardent defenders of American rights they were during the 1960s.

And more like the old Soviet Communist Politburo where power means everything and compromise is considered a failure.

In an interview with MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” the slimy New York Democrat made it quite clear he is preparing to push to end Senate Filibuster Rules so he can ram through the Democrats’ most radical, leftist agenda in our nation’s history.

Despite, the 2020 election electing an evenly-divided Senate, which clearly proves America did not give the Democrats’ a ‘mandate,’ for their radical ideas.

Schumer nevertheless delusionally believes the Democrats represent the will of ALL AMERICANS.

Schumer’s Ready To Dump Senate’s Filibuster Rules

MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart played a clip of sometime RINO Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell talking about the Democrats wanting to change the Senate’s filibuster Rules saying:

“It should not be changed. Senator Manchin made it clear they do not favor changing it. And we are counting on them to stand up for the institution. The status quo of this issue is exactly where we ought to be,” 

Capehart  then asked Schumer, “Let me get you on the issue of the filibuster and whether it should stay or go.” Schumer responded:

“Let me say this first — when he [McConnell] wanted to change the filibuster for the Supreme Court, he did like that. You can’t just say, ‘Oh, I’ll do it for the things I want.’ We need big, bold change, Jonathan. That’s what America needs.

The kind of change we began to do in the ARP…American Rescue Plan has to continue in the many ways that it has and in many other ways, infrastructure, democracy, things that we have talked about a little bit here, child poverty.

We would like to work with our Republican colleagues to bring that big bold change, no question about it.

That’s our preference, and we will try. But if they vote no on everything in terms of the kinds of change that America needs, then our caucus will have to get together and figure out how to get it done. Everything will be on the table.

Failure is not an option. We cannot turn away from the big, bold change that is needed,” 

Of course, none of what Sen. Chuck Schumer shrieked was even close to the truth.

with 80 million Americans (supposedly) voting for Biden, and 75 Million for Trump, Americans clearly did not vote for any “big, bold change.”

While Republicans did lose two Senate seats in Georgia it was under controversial circumstances.

The two-seat gave the Democrats a 50-50 split in the Senate. However, they gained the majority due to Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris being the tiebreaker vote.

With an evenly 50-50 split in the United States Senate…


What’s more, if the Democrats believe the American people gave them a mandate to pass their radical liberal agenda.

Then how is possible that every Republican in the House of Representatives who had been up for reelection in 2020, won?

In fact, the GOP gained more than a dozen seats, leaving Nancy Pelosi with the narrowest majorities in modern history, and one that will be wiped away in 2022.

What Schumer is really doing is helping the Democrats’ mainstream media cohorts to set up the arguments (excuses) they’ll use when Pelosi, and Schumer ram through the left’s radical agenda.

The one fly in the ointment for Schumer is the fact that Mitch McConnell is 100% correct about West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin.

Being elected from a red state such as West Virginia, Manchin knows his conservative constituents have no interest in ditching the filibuster or passing the left’s radical agenda.

And neither does Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

Sinema, perhaps to a lesser degree than Manchin, knows she was sent to Washington from a state that historically votes red.

Schumer Announces The Democrats Radical Liberal Agenda Is Coming For Your Guns


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    “But if they vote no on everything in terms of the kinds of change that America needs, then our caucus will have to get together and figure out how to get it done. Everything will be on the table.”



    Wouldn’t THAT also put MILITARY TRIBUNALS and PUBLIC HANGINGS on the table as well?

  2. If you are like a lot of people you can simply overlook this. The best thing you can do is become relevant with yourself and faithful with your own morals. This will lead to a sad and unfulfilling life.


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