Simone Biles has decided to pull out of two more Olympic events due to her sudden mental health issues, after suffering a brain fart while competing at the Tokyo Olympics.

Now the suddenly mentally weak four-time Olympic gold medalist decided to opt-out of the woman’s gymnastics event finals for vault and the uneven bars on Sunday.

MyKayla Skinner will take Biles’ place in the vault finals alongside Jade Carey.

Simone Biles PR Team Dictates USA Gymnastics Response

“After further consultation with medical staff, Simone Biles has decided to withdraw from the event finals for vault and the uneven bars. She will continue to be evaluated daily to determine whether to compete in the finals for floor exercise and balance beam,” 

“We remain in awe of Simone, who continues to handle this situation with courage and grace, and all of the athletes who have stepped up during these unexpected circumstances,” the organization said in a statement.

Simone Biles Surrenders To The ‘Yips’

Biles bowed out of team competition Tuesday, claiming she was in good physical health but overwhelmed the emotional toll of expectations associated with being considered the most prominent Olympic athlete.

But amazingly that supposed pressure didn’t stop Simone Biles from wearing a leotard bedazzled with a “GOAT” to symbolize her status as the Greatest Of All Time 

simone biles goat

After Team USA won a silver medal in her absence.

Biles, 24, took to her Instagram Stories Friday to tell fans she was struggling with feeling off while performing twists, a phenomenon she dubbed the “twisties.”

The superstar said her “mind and body” were not in sync and she was “going back to basics.”

I assume Simone Biles ‘Going Back To Basics” meant she’s curling up in a fetal position. 

Simone Biles Adds Her Name To The Greatest Moments In Yips History

From weekend warriors to paid professionals, anyone who has ever played sports knows that occasionally they get the “yips”.

While the yips, a sudden and unexplained loss of basic skills happens across all sports, it’s predominantly associated with Baseball.

Symptoms of the yips are losing fine motor skills and psychological issues that impact a player’s muscle memory and decision-making, leaving them unable to perform the most basic skills of their sport.

Putting Simone Biles aside here’s a few examples of the more famous moments in ‘Yips’ history:

  • Steve Blass was an All-Star pitcher for the Pittsburg Pirates from 1964 to 1972, he was but in 1973, Blass suddenly lost his command, and couldn’t throw a strike. He retired in 1974 due to continued loss of his pitching ability.
  • After having done it thousands of times, Los Angeles 2nd baseman Steve Sax was dumbfounded by his sudden inability to throw a baseball to 1st base. It took Sax years to overcome his ‘Yips’.
  • New York Mets catcher Mackey Sasser could not throw the ball back to the pitcher without tapping his mitt several times. His problem became so obvious that San Francisco Giants outfielder Brett Butler once stole third base during one of Sasser’s yips.
  • Mark Wohlers of the Atlanta Braves was called ‘the 1990s poster child for having the Yips.’ While he recovered, he was never the same player he was before the yips.
  • All-Star pitcher Jon Lester suffers from the yips on his pickoff attempts to first base so debilitating he has gone complete seasons refusing to even soft toss a throw over to 1st base.

Simone Biles Hides Behind Her Woke Excuse

If Simone Biles simply came out and started her equilibrium was off, or some unknown medical condition was causing her to lose her spatial awareness no one would have had an issue with her dropping out of the Olympics.

But instead, Simone Biles jumped on board the SJW woke ‘You’re A Winner’ participation trophy bandwagon.

The truth is Simone Biles QUIT on herself, her teammates, and her country.

Simone Biles showed up in Tokyo Olympics expecting to take home the gold.

But she only developed her ‘Mental issues” after the GOAT had a subpar performance at the Olympics.

Of course, blowing a brain fart meant that she couldn’t simply succumb to the ‘Yips’ like us mere mortals.

Nope, Simone Biles had to create a fantasy about having mental health issues that only developed after her, not so GOAT-like performance.

Simone Biles displayed everything that is wrong with Her Generation. 

Instead of Simone Biles picking herself up after an unexpected failure…SHE QUIT.

Even worse she then declares herself as brave and bold for doing so.

I do agree with Simone Biles on one thing…She’s no Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps because they wouldn’t have ever thought of quitting!

I do agree with Simone Biles on one thing...She's no Ushain Boltor Michael Phelps!


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