SNL Weekend Update took numerous shots at President Trump’s reaction to his impeachment acquittal.


SNL Weekend Update attempt at poking fun at President Trump for celebrating his being acquitted of the Democrats imbecilic abuse of power and obstruction of charges was more cringe-worthy than humorous.

Weekend Update not so subtly compared President Trump to infamous accused double murderer OJ Simpson.

Of course, SNL hasn’t been funny in years, and that record remained safe after this ‘rake in the face’ segment.

The part where SNL weekend Update tried to compare President Trump to OJ came when Michael Che said:

The day after, President Trump gave a speech at the White House which he called a celebration. Let’s take a look,”

The expected Trump video clip suddenly showed O.J. Simpson at his infamous 1995 trial reacting to the not guilty verdicts in the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman.”

“Oh, that’s the wrong clip,” Che said cringing and shrugging his shoulders before smiling.

SNL’s next cringe-worthy moment came when Michael Che showed an overhead picture of President Trump’s post acquittal White House news presser.

“The audience for Trump’s speech consisted of his legal team and Republicans lawmakers,” Che pointed out, before lowering the boom, “because I guess that circle ain’t going to jerk itself.”

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