It’s reprehensible that Joe Biden resorted to using the memory of his deceased son Beau to gain political sympathy points in his MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ Interview.


Normally I stay away from stories like this because they’re sad, tragic and I don’t want to be associated with the type of reporting that sees conspiracies in the most innocent of circumstances.

If I was watching this interview for the first time I would consider any politician talking about a deceased son or daughter just part of a normal conversation between the host and politician and not report on it even if others were making something out of nothing.

But according to a source inside MSNBC, it was Joe Biden, or one of his staff members, during a pre-interview meeting, that asked MSNBC’s Morning Joe if they could be so kind as to mention Joe’s dead son Beau. 

 I know my website is a small non-important Conservative political website, but having spent my life living on Long Island and decades working in Manhattan. I’ve made a few friends. And a few of those friends work inside NBC.

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden used the memory of Beau for his political agenda

Even with this source telling me what they knew, I still wouldn’t have written the story. The hard truth is what credibility would I be bringing if I posted the article on

But doing some research I found what I consider confirmation that this story was something I could legitimately run with.

Back in 2016 when Joe Biden was still trying to deiced if he should run or not against presumptive favorite Hillary Clinton.

Clueless Joe, knowing Obama would not be backing his Presidential run, wanted to test the waters to gauge what the public response would be to his announcing.

On Aug. 1, 2015, renowned Hillary Clinton-hater Maureen Dowd published a column titled: Joe Biden in 2016: What Would Beau Do?

Dowd’s story centered around if Joe Biden would be running in 2016 and also one of their last conversations Clueless Joe had with his dying son Beau.

Dowd wrote:

When Beau realized he was not going to make it, he asked his father if he had a minute to sit down and talk.\

“Of course, honey,” the vice president replied.

At the table, Beau told his dad he was worried about him.

My kid’s dying, an anguished Joe Biden thought to himself, and he’s making sure I’m O.K.

“Dad, I know you don’t give a damn about money,” Beau told him, dismissing the idea that his father would take some sort of cushy job after the vice presidency to cash in.

Beau was losing his nouns and the right side of his face was partially paralyzed. But he had a mission: He tried to make his father promise to run, arguing that the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values.

Hunter also pushed his father, telling him, “Dad, it’s who you are.”

Like today’s MSNBC interview, one would think that Dowd’s story was nothing out of the ordinary. 

But over two months after Dowd’s story appeared in the New York Times, Politico published an Exclusive story titled: Biden himself leaked word of his son’s dying wish.

To me Politico’s subtitle “The vice president is mourning. He’s also calculating” spoke volumes about just how reprehensible Joe Biden can truly be.

The October 2016, Politico’s story reported: “According to multiple sources, it was Joe Biden himself who talked to Dowd.”

Joe Biden painted a tragic portrait for Dowd about his dying son, sitting his father down and trying to make him promise to run for president because “the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values.”

Of course, Joe Biden didn’t get enough sympathy points for that story and decided not to run in 2016.

Fast forward to 2020 with the latest polls showing Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign floundering, or at worst stagnant.

Feeling the need for a sympathy boost my source told me that it was either Joe Biden or possibly one of his staff members who told Morning Joe if they could be so kind to mention Beau in their interview.

After Joe Scarborough complied with their wishes, as usual with any Joe Biden retelling, the story changed to fit his current agenda.

Back in 2016, Biden told Maureen Dowd that Beau told his dad to run for President to thwart the evil plans of the Clinton Cabal.

But in 2020, Biden now stated that Beau was talking to him about, not running for President, but for him to stay politically engaged. 


Wait. What? 

So according to Joe Biden in 2016 Beau said “Run for President,” but in 2020 Beau didn’t mean ‘Run for President but just to stay engaged’?

As I stated before, normally I would ignore this type of story.

But Joe Biden twisting supposed facts in recollecting one of the last conversations with his deceased son is simply repugnant.

This time one can not simply dismiss Joe Biden misremembering a story to his faltering memory.

Joe Biden was talking about one of the last conversations he ever had with his son Beau, and unless you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s or some other horrific mental disorder that afflicts the elderly.

Not one iota of this story should have changed no matter what year Joe Biden was retelling it.

Joe Biden was right about one thing… America would have been far better off if Beau was running for President and not his corrupt morally bankrupt father.


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