Elon Musk’s ambitious SpaceX Starship project seems to have suffered another setback after their SN8 prototype went boom while attempting to land following a high-altitude suborbital flight test in Texas.

The Starship serial number 8 (SN8) took off from the SpaceX site in Cameron County on Wednesday evening.

At first, everything went well, with the vehicle launching successfully, reaching the apogee, and flipping over to begin its descent… only to end in a fiery crash as it just missed the landing pad.

The “landing flip maneuver,” the first for a vehicle of this size, was supposed to be the cherry on top for SpaceX.

Despite the NS8, which every time I see it reminds me of a shiny grain silo, exploding.

The flight’s objective was to test a number of other things, from the performance of the Starship’s Raptor engines to its aerodynamic re-entry capabilities and propellant transition.

Those appear to have gone well enough.


SpaceX Starship Program Keeps Stubbing Its Toe

As TuskerDaily reported in February, SpaceX Starship SN1 was testing if its improved steel structure could withstand its cryogenic fuels… Elon Musk got his answer when it went BOOM!

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