At least two ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ episodes targeted by the cancel culture mob have been removed from the Paramount+ streaming service due to supposed “inappropriate elements,” including a “panty raid” and a Krusty Krab quarantine that they somehow equate to the coronavirus pandemic.

Both ‘Mid-Life Crustacean’ – a 2002 episode where Mr. Krabs has a mid-life crisis – and ‘Kwarantined Krab’ – a 2019 episode where the Krusty Krab is placed under quarantine to contain a case of ‘Clam Flu’ – are unavailable on the Paramount+ streaming service, which serves as the digital home for all Nickelodeon content as well as other properties owned by ViacomCBS.

‘Mid-Life Crustacean’ was left off the streaming service due to a scene where SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs go out on a “panty raid,” rummaging through a woman’s underwear drawer which turns out to belong to Mr. Krabs’ mother.

Perhaps more hilariously, ‘Kwarantined Krab’ has been taken out of circulation due to Paramount+ claiming it had similarities with the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Of course, they better memory-hole any footage of Apollo 11 historic moon mission since they were similarly quarantined over media fears that they could carry back a world-ending pathogen:

What if the astronauts returning home unleashed upon Earth something dangerous and foreign to science — moon germs?

Cancel Culture Targets SpongeBob SquarePants

A Nickelodeon spokesperson told gaming news outlet IGN that because the plot “centers on a virus storyline,” they “have decided to not air it due to sensitivities surrounding the global, real-world pandemic.”

The spokesperson also confirmed the removal of ‘Mid-Life Crustacean’ due to “some story elements” not being “kid-appropriate,” but they noted that it has been out of general circulation since 2018.

According to the SpongeBob encyclopedia, ‘Kwarantined Krab’ was also left out of the recent season 12 DVD boxset released in January, despite the collection being billed as the “Complete Twelfth Season.”

Paramount+ is not the only streaming service to have purged older content for fear of offending viewers today.

As TuskerDaily reported, Disney+ recently made several classic movies, including ‘The Aristocats’, ‘Dumbo’, and ‘Peter Pan’, unavailable to children on the platform.

Needless to say, other old Disney movies – like 1946’s ‘Song of the South’ – were completely memory-holed due to their supposed dated racial themes and stereotypes.

AsTuskerDaily has reported, SpongeBob SquarePants Is Just the Most Recent Cancel Culture Target:


  1. It’s okay to have transgenders with their “things” hanging out for all to see, conduct children’s hours in libraries, but Sponge Bob gets censored?? Okay, a panty raid was questionable, but the transgenders don’t even wear “panties” so they can spread their legs for children to see what they have. Disgusting.

  2. Do these people not have something better to do? I feel sorry for them if this is their whole life they sure are missing a lot. They have no concept of living a full life.

  3. Want names of the cancel culture idiots. Enough of their disgusting canceling everything. Grow you buffoons. You don’t get to tell me what I can say or watch. Your cancel. I don’t listen to unamerican idiots.

  4. they are also cancelling the dictionary, having succeeded in cancelling the Bible. They are supercilious heathens.

  5. They are shallow dimwits with nothing significant to occupy their time so they concentrate on being ‘offended’ . My God, being offended is a part of being alive and ‘offending’ someone is usually unintentional. But nonetheless, the guilty party must be exposed, castigated, denounced, ostracized from society. Murder is less offensive than microaggressions and imaginary racism. Horrendous crimes and terrorism are trivial compared to white supremacy, bigotry, and lack of support and enthusiasm for BLM and only democrats are qualified to determine who is guilty of evil thought crimes. If you want to protect the integrity of our elections you are a member of the KKK and Kamala does not like you, nor does her senile boss and the democrat legislators. I have never seen so few attempt to impose their asinine ideology and agenda on so many but when you have the media backing you up, it definitely helps and keeps the truly important issues well hidden from prying eyes. Sponge Bob and Dr. Seuss are threatening minorities in America, as were Aunt Jemima, Dove soap, and many other American traditions. What will now be killed to satisfy persecuted Asian-Americans and will we eventually have an annual contest to determine which minority is the most stereotyped, persecuted, and victimized? We should, that’s all anyone talks about. Personally, I don’t have a problem with any minority except one and it’s not their race that bothers me but their religion. I know, that makes me a bigot even if I’m not religious myself. Too bad, it’s a deadly religion.


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