The NBA, LeBron James publicly declaring their Jacob Blake race-based boycott is full of it.

It’s a lot easier to be righteous when NBA players have no worries of coming face-to-face with the wrath of paying customers.

The walkout began on Wednesday when the Milwaukee Bucks pulled out a playoff match. Which led to the NBA issuing a statement that players, team owners, and labor representatives would be meeting on Thursday to discuss canceling the entire NBA playoff games in protest against racial injustice and police brutality.

LeBron James, the LA Lakers player and one of the NBA’s biggest stars, said in a tweet on Wednesday night: “F*** THIS MAN!!!! “WE DEMAND CHANGE. SICK OF IT.”

Despite the media’s bloviating over the power athletes like LeBron James have to change supposed social injustices.

The fact is, similar to when Hollywood hypocrites spewing their Democrat delusions, sports fans simply don’t care what a group of over-payed, over-paid, pampered athletes is screeching.

As the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent TV ratings have proven, people have learned to live without the NBA and sports in general, especially in its current diminished condition.

Hysterically, by Friday NBA players quickly did a 180 after realizing that fans didn’t much care if the NBA, MLB, NHL, or NFL training camps walked out or not.

Worse, for LeBron James, and the NBA their publicity stunt produced not even mild disappointed among fans that there weren’t going to be any more games to watch.

Like Hollywood Hypocrites, Athletes Like LeBron James Have An Inflated Opinion Of Themselves

Despite months of not being able to watch their favorite sports teams in action due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Compared to the last season, television ratings for the NBA restart fell 23 percent among supposedly sports-starved viewers.

Only time will tell what, if any, viewer backlash there will be for the NBA as well as the MLB, NHL, and NFL Training camps who pandered to the NBA when, at the last moment, they too canceled their games on Thursday

Recently ESPN’s national MLB telecasts were averaging 1.2 million viewers, that’s up 29% from last season’s numbers.

But after MLB’s sudden walk-out Thursday night, it’ll be interesting to see what ratings impact of their one-night walkout will be moving forward.

The same goes for the NHL after they similarly announced on Thursday, the last-minute cancelation of their playoff games.

The NHL ratings have been so-so, with viewership averaging around 1 million viewers which is similar numbers to what NBC had experienced during the 2018-19 playoffs.

The only thing that Wednesday’s NBA walkout produced showed was LeBron James, and the NBA overplayed their hand.

By Friday NBA players decided to resume their playoffs after the realization that they have no real leverage in changing the supposed Police injustice by not playing basketball.

For NBA players, and especially LeBron James what they staged and executed on Wednesday was nothing more than a ‘Look at me’ publicity stunt, and what’s worse for them, the fans knew it as well.