Starbucks Barista Posts TikTok Video Making a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Drink with BLEACH

Starbucks barista fired for making ‘poisonous drink with BLEACH’ & wishing a ‘few dead cops’ in TikTok VIDEO
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An employee at an Indianapolis Starbucks inside a Target store, has been fired after he posted a video of himself preparing what he labeled a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ drink, that contained bleach, what appears to be a window cleaner powder, as well as what the worker joked was the “blood of innocent black men.”
Set to a track entitled ‘All I want for Christmas is a Few Dead Cops,’ the Starbucks barista holding a plastic cup labeled “Blue Lives Matter,” calmly narrates:
“First, we’re going to start with bleach all the way to the third line,” he says, pouring liquid into the cup. then the little POS adds ice – “because cops love ice,” he whines, before mixing in a thick red substance he dubs “a little blood of innocent black men.”


While condemning the video, as “any behavior that threatens violence against others,” Starbucks hilariously pointed the finger at Target, which houses and makes all hiring decisions for the location in question.

Target followed up Starbucks’ ‘Sorry, NOT Sorry’ apology by issuing a much harsher statement:

“This video is appalling and unacceptable. We don’t tolerate this behavior at Target, want all guests to be treated with respect, and have terminated the team member who was responsible,”

Of course, Target then added their own little bit of idiocy when a Target spokesperson told a local media outlet that they don’t believe real bleach was used, only milk and water.

Of course, the Target spokesperson skipped right over whatever the blue power (Window Cleaner?) was, and whatever this Starbucks mental midget labeled the “blood of innocent black men.”

The Target spokesperson added “that the drink seen in the video was never served to anyone,” as if that makes everything A-OK.

Strange, Starbucks Seems To Have An Awful Lot Of These Blue Lives Matter Controversies?

As we have reported on multiple occasions, Starbucks locations throughout America have been at the center of a number of similar Blue Lives Matter controversies involving unhinged woke workers and police.

In Los Angeles, an off-duty Police officer alleged in June that he was served a frappuccino containing a tampon, which turned out to be a piece of cleaning cloth.

Another incident late last year also saw an employee fired from an Oklahoma Starbucks after writing “PIG” on an officer’s cup.

In June, after Starbucks made the decision to forbid baristas from wearing Black Lives Matter (BLM) attire or accessories because of the possibility that the message might be misunderstood or incite violence.

But less than a day later after being slammed by the leftist twitter mob, Starbuck’s quickly reversed course and allowed Black Lives Matter attire to be worn by its employees.

Of course, Starbucks refuses to allow #BlueLivesMatter attire saying that it violates the companies employee dress code.


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