What transpired after President Trump sat down behind the ‘Baby Resolute’ desk, and how the liberal-biased networks reported the story, tells you all you need to know about how petty and insignificant the news media, most notably CNN, have become in 2020.

But many in the news media, most notably CNN, reported that ‘anonymous sources’ told CNN that Donald Trump was furious at his staff and was enraged for placing him into such an awkward position.

The President was, according to sources, so infuriated it eventually led to their reporting of ‘President Trump lashing out’ at Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason.

Of course, the news media’s narrative seems highly dubious considering that before being elected President, Donald Trump was a highly visible television personality who had spent years both in front and behind the camera. 

With his years of experience, there is little doubt that President Trump was instantly aware of the ‘optics’ that this situation was presenting. 

So this begs the question, ‘If President Trump was so irate, why didn’t he simply order the signing be moved to the Oval Office?’ 

At worse, President Trump could have delayed the signing for a few moments to have the White House staff replace the ‘Baby Resolute’ desk with something that was more appropriately sized?

For those that would defend CNN’s fake news media reporting, by claiming that maybe Trump wasn’t aware of how the child-size desk would make him appear.

In the video below which, many media outlets blatantly choose not to show. The news media’s supposed ‘irate’ President Trump was so ‘irate’ that he was poking fun of the desk size, and the situation he found himself in well before he was seen dressing down Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason.

CNN ‘New Day’ Co-Host John Berman Being His Usual Obnoxious Trump-Hating Self

I must assume based upon how CNN’s ‘New Day’ co-host John Berman repeatedly mentioned the child-like sized desk President Trump was sitting behind in each of New Day‘s three hours. 

That CNN’s egregious Trump-Hating co-host considers reporting on the alleged theft of a Presidential election would distract all 5 of CNN viewers from his bombshell ‘Baby Resolute’ reporting.

CNN’s coverage of Trump’s ‘Baby Resolute’ desk is a perfect analogy to show the depths to which the Clown News Network has plummeted.

Inside the liberal-logic clown-world news headquarters of CNN, the network concluded that Trump’s desk size took precedence over such things as legitimately investigating allegations of election fraud. 

Or having the audacity to report on even one of the many shocking disclosures that were uncovered in Hunter Biden’s emails. Which, by the way, CNN continues to avoid as if they would contract COVID by the mere mentioning of.

CNN’sNew Day’ co-host became, not surprisingly, seemed obsessed with talking about the size of the desk that President Trump was sitting behind.

Even less surprising was Berman beginning his “Pulitzer Prize-Winning” report mocking the President by metaphorically relating the desk’s small size to symbolize just how tiny a man Donald Trump was on the inside.