Christopher Steele Used John McCain to Spread Dossier Lies

Christopher Steele Used John McCain’s hatred of Donald Trump to Spread His Factitious Dossier Nonsense To The FBI.

Late Senator John McCain provided disgraced former FBI chief James Comey with five separate reports from Christopher Steele that the FBI didn’t previously possess related to unsubstantiated allegations of collusion between Russia and President Trump’s 2016 campaign, the Justice Department’s recent Inspector General report revealed.

The IG report discloses that McCain gave five new Steele reports to Comey that the FBI did not previously possess, showing that McCain served as a conduit for Steele’s information to reach the FBI even after the British ex-spy was formally cut off as an FBI source.

McCain got the new reports from Fusion GPS, indicating that McCain knew he was circulating political opposition research and not actual, verified intelligence products. The IG report reads: “McCain had obtained these reports from a staff member at the McCain Institute. The McCain Institute staff member had met with Steele and later acquired the reports from Simpson.”


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