Best Stumbling Bumbling Joe Biden Air Force One Memes

Best Stumbling Bumbling Joe Biden Air Force One Stair Memes
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Critics of Joe Biden had a field day after his awkward boarding of the Air Force One, bringing up his past mockery of Donald Trump’s mobility issues. But some say (in jest) Joe should blame the Kremlin rather than strong winds.

The video of Joe Biden stumbling and bumbling as he attempted to walk up Air Force One’s slip-n’-slip stairs has provided the inspiration for many jokes, ranging in tone from light-hearted puns and video game mashups, to ableist digs, and partisan attacks gleefully shared by Donald Trump’s millions of MAGAmaniac deplorables.

First here is the original video of Dementia Joe forgetting how the whole left-right-left things goes:

Here Are The Best Stumbling Bumbling Joe Biden Memes

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