SWAT Team Arrest Texans Defying Coronavirus Lockdown

Texas Swat arrest Coronavirus Lockdown Protesters in Odessa
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A SWAT team used an armored vehicle to raid a Texas bar that opened for business in defiance of the coronavirus lockdown, eighty-sixing the owner — and six heavily armed “vigilantes” who were defending her, according to reports.

Big Daddy Zane’s Bar owner Gabrielle Ellison, 47, told the Odessa American that she called on Open Texas to defend her so she could defy the executive order to close, which they all deem unconstitutional.

When police arrived Monday, there were at least 20 protesters there — including six outside brandishing loaded “AR-15 type weapons,” police told the paper.

Multiple deputies and Texas Troopers rolled up Monday with an Armored Personnel Carrier, aiming their guns at the armed protesters and screaming for them to put down their weapons.

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