The Trump administration is working hard to stem the spread of Coronavirus while trying to keep the economy moving.

No matter if you believe President Trump is doing the job well, or he could have done better that is fair to debate because they are major issues that will impact millions of Americans.

But what are journalists in the White House press pool asking Trump?

What are the Democrat politicians screaming about after President Trump’s daily Coronavirus Press briefings?

They want to know why he keeps calling it the Wuhan Virus and/or the China virus because they want to claim President Trump is a xenophobic racist.

Responding to a question from Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum about whether former Vice President Joe Biden and others should say “this is a moment to get behind our president”.

Joe Biden’s senior campaign adviser Symone Sanders, immediately launched into her well-rehearsed ‘He’s a Racist’ diatribe about President Trump’s usage of the term “Chinese virus.”

Fox News “The Story with Martha MacCallum” host challenged Symone Sanders to answer, Why the President using the term “Chinese coronavirus” is a “racial slur”?

Symone Sanders fictitiously claimed “It’s something that’s offensive to many Americans,”

What made this exchange so hysterical was the fact that Symone Sanders answer destroyed her own Trump is a racist narrative, while also exposing the liberals attack as nothing more than typical Democrat stupidity.

Symone Sanders Racist Stupidity
Of course, to prove she’s nothing more than Biden’s moronic mouthpiece, Symone Sanders was so excited to call President Trump a racist, she claimed President Trump called the Coronavirus “COVID-19” which Sander’s laughably claimed was a racist slur.

But as Symone Sanders tried to avoid giving a reason why using the name of the originating region most viruses are typically named after is now all of a sudden racist.

Symone Sanders casually mentions the “Ebola Crisis” which, of course, is the name of the African river from which the virus takes its name.

Sanders using “Ebola” completely destroys the Democrats idiocy that Trump is a racist because he called the virus “Wuhan”.

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