Takim Newson, a reputed Bloods gang member, is now accused of attempted murder of an NYPD Officer, after Judge Denise Johnson a newly elected Democrat Judge in Queens gave Newson a no-bail ‘get out of Jail Free’ card on robbery and gun charges.

Even more egregious was the fact that Judge Denise Johnson ignored Takim Newson’s own lawyer who requested a $50,000 bail after Takim Newson, 32, allegedly shot a man in a Queens bar on Valentine’s Day.

Shockingly, NOT SHOCKINGLY, just 2-weeks after being handed his ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ gift card.

Takim Newson ran amok allegedly attempting to kill an NYPD Lieutenant by running him over in a stolen car (video Below) before going on a nearly 12-hour long crime spree.

Felony Fugitive Takim Newsom

On Valentine’s Day, Takim Newsom was allegedly involved in a bar shooting in which he shot a 43-year-old man in the groin while attempting to rob him of a cellphone at an NYC  PreGame Sports Bar & Lounge in Jamaica, Queens.

After the shooting Newson did what all POS criminals do, he went on the run.

In early April Takim Newsom was finally taken into custody after NYPD Detectives tracked him down hiding out at his mom’s home in Rocky Mount, NC.

How The F**K Can Democrat Judge Denise Johnson Be Allowed To Remain a Judge?

Judge Denise Johnson was elected in November 2020, when she ran unopposed for the Queens 4th Municipal Court District.

Johnson received 99.7% of the vote despite her being rated as “not approved” by the New York City Bar Association.

Democrat Judge Denise Johnson

During Newson’s April 7 arraignment, New York City Prosecutors sought to have Takim Newson locked up without bail to await his trial for his Valentine’s Day attempted murder and armed robbery.

Newson’s own defense lawyer stated a $50,000 bail would be “appropriate.”

But inexplicably Democrat Judge Denise Johnson handed Takim Newson a no-bail ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card.

Wait. What? Takim Newson Tries To Kill An NYPD Officer…How Shocking!

A little over 2-weeks after Judge Denise Johnson handed Takim Newsom his no-bail ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ gift card. Takim Newson awaiting trial for attempted murder

An NYPD officer approached Newson sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz with excessively tinted windows that was blocking traffic in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn at around 3:30 a.m.

When the NYPD officer asked as nicely as any BLM activists could ever demand Newson to step out of the car.

Takim Newson threw the car into reverse and hit the gas, dragging the cop a short distance before getting away.

Thankfully, the unidentified officer was not killed. He did however suffer a back injury and bruising to his knees and elbows, and was taken to NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn for treatment.

“NYC: @NYPDDetectives are AGAIN searching for Takim Newson after he used a car to assault a police officer early this morning,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea tweeted Friday afternoon

Wait. What? Takim Newson Goes On A 12-Hour Crime Spree…How Shocking!

90 minutes after his attempt to murder the unidentified NYPD officer.

Takim Newson allegedly broke into a house nearly 15 miles away in Far Rockaway, where he smashed his way inside by breaking the lock on the door.

He then allegedly threatened a 66-year-old woman by pretending he had a gun in his pocket. 

The woman said Newson’s girlfriend and her mother have been living in her basement since they fell on hard times last year.

“I thought I was opening my home up to someone who was in need,” she said. “It turned into hell. A living nightmare.”

According to sources, Takim Newsom supposedly left without taking anything.

After leaving on foot, Newson then stole a green Jaguar S-Type sedan.

Takim Newson was finally caught at around 3 p.m. on Long Island by Suffolk County cops after the stolen car’s license plates triggered a Police Cruiser’s electronic tag reader.

Takim Newson Criminal History

Takim Newson served a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence for an armed robbery in Nassau County before being paroled in 2011, according to the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision website.

Online court records also show three unrelated cases pending against him in Queens and Nassau County.


  1. The judge, Denise Johnson who gave Takim Newson a no-bail ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card should be charged as an accomplice.

  2. […] NYPD detectives believe the shots came from a group of men who began brawling after they were denied entry to the bash. […]

  3. The judge must be a white supremacist. But that aside, the voters like her. Democrats do love, support, defend and encourage their Banditos.

  4. GRIZZ MANN? why would you think the judge was a white supremacist? and she most likely won the election the same way as the rest of the democrats do CHEATING


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