Days after the Capitol Hill riot, Tara Anne Szczepanski, a conservative journalist was assaulted and harassed after BLM activists accosted her after she started filming their January 10th Black Lives Matter rally in New York.
“The mob turned against me after recognizing that I am a Trump supporter. With the hatred that is going on currently in America, I felt very much in fear for myself.”
As TuskerDaily has reported with reporter Andy Ngo, Szczepanski, 33, a Polish-American political commentator and independent journalist shows how sharing conservative political beliefs in today’s America risks physical harm.

According to Szczepanski and footage of the incident, there were several people covering the BLM rally, but the protesters didn’t want to be filmed and demanded that the cameras were switched off.

After she and others refused, she was egged and shoved around, while one activist tried to rub a soiled baby diaper in her face, footage released by the NYPD showed. 

The already tense situation only escalated further after one BLM rioter identified Szczepanski as a Trump supporter.

Luckily Szczepanski managed to escape the angry crowd, but not before several of them pursued her, calling her a F*****g Nazi,” a slur she says was particularly hurtful due to her Polish ancestry.


Instances of pro-Trump supporters harassing and assaulting journalists covering their event have been extensively covered by the US mainstream media and blamed on the former president’s “incendiary rhetoric” against the press.

But when similar behavior is shown by BLM/ANTIFA members, as was the case with Szczepanski, and Ngo, the media shows little to no interest in reporting the story.

Szczepanski says conservative journalists like herself don’t enjoy the same protection as people on the left, including from the mainstream media that is “espousing more left-wing ideology and liberal voices.”

Like many others in her political camp, Szczepanski sees a pro-left bias in the US media landscape, which has been recently manifesting in open acts of censorship, like de-platforming of conservative speakers by the Big Tech. And the divisiveness is becoming worse, contrary to the core message of national unity coming from the Joe Biden administration.

“For true peace to occur, you need people to have civil discourse. It’s not true peace when the other side’s voices are shut off. It may give a facade of unity or peace, but it’s at the detriment of 75 million Americans who had voted for and do support Donald Trump.”

NYPD Arrest Tara Anne Szczepanski Attackers

After Tara Anne Szczepanski was assaulted during BLM’s violent “F**K 12” march Through NYC that left 2 NYPD cops injured.

The police later identified and arrested two suspects allegedly involved in the assault.

NYPD arrested Saqunn Jackson (23) and Juarde Benn (20). Jackson was charged with aggravated harassment and stalking. 

Tara Anne Szczepanski Video Footage During BLM NYC “Peaceful” Protest


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