TDS Democrats Cry: Trump Doesn’t Have COVID, He’s Faking It

Trump says CDC wants Americans to cover faces with cloth amid coronavirus
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Delusional TDS Democrats using their liberal logic to the nth degree are on social media whining that President Trump doesn’t have COVID and that it’s some devious plan to gain sympathy, and to skip the Presidential debates.

Any rational human being will understand that this is probably the worst thing that could have happened to President Trump, and First Lady Melania. Which, hysterically, their liberal logic doesn’t explain why she’s supposedly faking it too?

Not only does testing positive stop President Trump hitting the road where he was enjoying rallies attended by tens of thousands of his supporters. It also provides cannon fodder for his anti-Hydroxiquin critics.

Nevertheless, the Democrats twittering twits inundated social media with their inane conspiracy theories

Trump Faking Having Coronavirus:

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