Amy Bednarz, a Rhode Island public school teacher in March offered to pay people infected with the coronavirus to cough on President Donald Trump has resigned, according to WJAR-TV.

Before deleting her Twitter account in a subsequent post, Bednarz identified herself as a sixth-grade ELL teacher at Villanova Middle School in Woonsocket.

Amy Bednarz Coronavirus Tweet

Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green also responded to the accusations, saying it was not acceptable and “not representative of the overwhelming majority of Rhode Island teachers.”

Amy Bednarz Tenders Her Resignation

The Woonsocket School Committee voted 5-0 Wednesday night to accept a settlement agreement with Amy Bednarz.

As part of that agreement, Bednarz tendered her resignation, but details of the settlement were not disclosed, most likely the board did not want to get ripped for giving her a hefty taxpayer-funded check to leave.

Comments on WJAR’s Facebook page were almost universally pleased that the accused teacher resigned:

  • “Good. She is a first class piece of crap!”
  • “Trump Derangement Syndrome…still can’t get over he won.”
  • “She needs professional help!
  • “Only in RI do teachers [who] encourage endangering the president’s life get paid to quit their jobs.”
  • “But the taxpayers still have to pony up $!”
  • “She’ll be picked up by some liberal college to teach.”

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