Team Trump: Stronger Impeachment Case Against Obama Than Trump

Obamagate replaces Russiagate
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Republicans stood up and cheered as Team Trump lawyers went there!

As the president’s legal team made its opening arguments Saturday, Jay Sekulow, one of the private attorneys on Team Trump, said that it was Trump — not his predecessor Barack Obama — who provided Ukraine with lethal military aid, including anti-tank Javelin missiles.

Sekulow said that U.S. policy toward Ukraine policy under Trump got stronger, stronger than it had been under former President Obama.

Not even the Democrats apologist factitious fact-checkers over at Politifact could argue against this fact:

“The Obama administration refused to provide lethal weapons in 2014,” PolitiFact writes, after Russia invaded Crimea.

During Team Trump’s Impeachment Trial defense of President Trump, Democratic senators routinely scoffed at Team Trump’s attacks on their beloved messiah Barrack Obama.

Team Trump lawyers argued, and rightly so, that Obama had abused his power in his relationship with Russia and engaged in a quid pro quo with then-President Dmitriy Medvedev — identical accusations to the House’s impeachment charges against Trump.

Watch White House lawyer Eric Herschmann pick up on Monday, where Sekulow left off on Saturday.

Herschmann argued that by the House Democrats’ own standards for impeachment, President Barack Obama should have been impeached and removed from office.

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