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Ted Cruz: Hollywood Complicit in Massive Chinese Censorship

Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson China

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday to discuss a bill he drafted that would prevent the Pentagon from cooperating with movie studios who censor their productions to appease Chinese authorities.

Before Cruz joined the program, host Tucker Carlson reported that in the forthcoming feature “Top Gun: Maverick,” the Taiwanese flag has been removed from the jacket worn by Tom Cruise’s titular character so the film is not prevented from reaching the Chinese market.

“The problem with China generally is enormous, and I think this should be a wake-up call to the entire world; this pandemic that is playing out.

And when it comes to Hollywood, Hollywood is not an innocent bystander here. Hollywood is fully complicit, Hollywood works with the Chinese censors — Hollywood has been willing over and over again, there’s so much money at stake.”

Hollywood Bends The Knee For Top Gun: Maverick

Cruz then turned to the sequel to 1986’s “Top Gun,” which he described as the greatest U.S. Navy recruitment film of all time.

“They didn’t just change the Taiwanese flag, they also removed the Japanese flag,” he said. “Both of them were on the back of Maverick’s jacket and the studios didn’t want to tick off the Chinese censors so they pulled it down.

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