Ted Cruz and Joe Scarborough argue over morning joe tweeting liberal lies about VP Pence

Senator Ted Cruz slammed dominatrix Mika Brzezinski’s whipping boy henpecked husband and her ‘Morning Joe‘ co-host Joe Scarborough by reminding him that he had:

“chased after Trump for 2 years like a teenage girl throwing her panties at the latest boy band” to book Donald Trump on his show before he became president.”

The feud erupted after Scarborough tweeted a deceptively-edited video suggesting that Vice President Mike Pence was carrying empty boxes of personal protective equipment (PPE) as part of a staged photo-op.

That’s when MSNBC’sMorning Joe‘ moron, and left-wing water boy Joe Scarborough tried to shame Vice-President Pence with his ‘feelings, not facts’ tweet.

However, Joe Concha, the media reporter for The Hill, pointed out the full C-Span video debunked the Democrats fake news talking point when it showed Pence carrying full boxes of PPE and later joking about carrying empty boxes “just for the camera.”

“This false tweet got 88,000 retweets and 221,000 likes and millions of views. It has been proven to be a lie. It’s been fact-checked as a “clear case of manipulated video” and “an example of ‘deceptive editing-omission’” by the Washington Post. The author doesn’t care. Why is that?”

On Friday, Joe Scarborough issued a typical Democrat ‘Sorry, not sorry’ apology.

The simpleminded Scarborough tried implying:

‘Damn, Twitter, it’s not me, it’s you that made me post the latest liberal Trump-hate lie like a giddy little school girl.’


At this point, Ted Cruz couldn’t take Mika Brzezinski’s bitch any longer and slammed the egregious Rino.

After being called out, Scarborough immediately defended his stupidity by attacking Ted Cruz.

Which Ted Cruz correctly pointed out that:

Joe Scarborough Shows Us That Twitter Hasn’t Learned It’s Lesson

Immediately after the Justice Department dropped the case against General Flynn.

Joe Scarborough immediately climbed aboard the Liberal Loony Toon Russian Collusion Delusion Train To The Democrats Tramp-Hate Fantasyland:


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