Ted Cruz Trolls MSNBC When Their Trump Hate Coronavirus 'Listen To The Experts' Narrative Backfires

The look on MSNBC host Craig Melvin’s face is priceless after he watched an NBC News report that he believed would back the fake news networks Coronavirus Trump-hate ‘Listen to the experts’ agenda.

Unfortunately for Melvin, who clearly was watching the segment for the first time, the NBC report that interviewed five doctors for a story about sending kids back to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t what he envisioned.

As Melvin introduced the NBC News story by medical correspondent Dr. John Torres, he stressed the importance of hearing from public health experts regarding the issue of reopening schools.

Torres began the piece by saying the network reached out to five pediatricians from around the country to get their thoughts.

Those interviewed by MSNBC’s parent news network included California Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, New Jersey Dr. Shilpa A. Patel, Vermont Dr. William V. Raszka, New York Dr. Jennifer Lighter and Tennessee Dr. Buddy Creech, and all offered the same assessment:

It is safe to send kids back to school during the Coronavirus pandemic

Yes MSNBC! Listen To The Experts

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) was quick to troll the hilarious look on Craig Melvin’s face after he realized that his MSNBC fake news network’s Trump-Hate agenda just got blown up.

Watch MSNBC’s Craig Melvin’s Hilarious Reaction After Watching NBC’s Listen To The Experts Report.

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