Texas Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s 100-Day Deportation Freeze

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The Biden administration’s plan for a 100-day Deportation freeze was temporarily blocked again by a federal judge in Texas over a lawsuit arguing the federal government can’t make immigration enforcement changes without first consulting the state.

100-day Deportation Freeze Put On Ice…For Now

District Judge Drew Tipton in Victoria, Texas, on Tuesday, extended by two weeks a temporary restraining order against the deportation pause that was set to expire. Texas has also requested a longer-lasting injunction that could block the plan during the entire litigation, with a hearing set for Feb. 19, Bloomberg reported.

”The irreparable harm that would accrue to Texas if an extension of the TRO is not granted before consideration of its motion for a preliminary injunction is more substantial than any harm incurred by the defendants,” Tipton wrote, the news service reported.

The order did state, though, the Biden administration “argued that the 100-day pause on removals is necessary to allow” them to take into account “important immigration, foreign policy, and humanitarian considerations,” Fox News reported.

“The Court may ultimately be persuaded by the Defendants’ arguments, but any harm they might incur between now and then does not outweigh the potential for irreparable harm to Texas,” Tipton wrote.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton last month sued the Biden administration for its move to put a 100-day pause on deportations.

Paxton’s lawsuit claims the Biden administration would be violating an agreement it has with the Department of Homeland Security and would require at least 180 days’ notice, as well as consultation, prior to implementing changes in immigration policy, Fox News reported.

President Joe Biden has pledged to move forward with a deportation moratorium, which took effect Friday, as his administration resets its approach toward immigration, Fox News noted. Non-citizens who have engaged in, or who are suspected to have engaged in, terrorism and espionage can still be deported.

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