Now as the Democrats move forward digging their own graves, Americans will easily understand the real problems in America.


They’ll find a Democrat Party steeped in racism, sexism, homophobia, lawlessness, corruption, and lies of massive proportions blaming their feeling on innocents.

From this time forward, Americans can know when any Democrat accuses anyone about anything they do or say, they are themselves the guilty party. Yes, Democrats have proven time after time they are the Party of Liars!

Democrats tell us America is now a Fascist country, but it is only Democrats that want to control our freedom, speech, what we consume, how we travel, and how we live. It is Democrats who tell us the uneducated must pay for the expense to educate elite children.

It is the Democrats that want to provide free educations, health care, and citizenship to illegals while they rape and pillage our societies. It is the Democrats that send their ‘stooges’ to disrupt, harm, and destroy open meetings.

It is the Democrats that want to take away Citizen rights in favor of forcing American citizens into submission – not a Democracy. Yes, it’s the Democrats that falsely believe a few of their top politicians should be able to rule America by destroying the US Constitution.

If one is a liar, facts are their biggest nemeses. At every turn, the Democrat lies are being exposed by facts and they are going mentally ballistic.

Again, thanks to Democrats for the best Christmas ever. You and you alone have accomplished providing the hopes and prayers of the American people by exposing your corruption, lawlessness, greed, and hatred of taxpayers.=


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