The 5 Democrat House Seats Most Likely To Flip Red in 2020

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Republicans face an uphill climb in the fight to regain the majority in the House of Representatives, but here’s our list of the 5 house seats that are currently controlled by the Democrat but will most likely flip to the Republicans in November.

While some of these Democrats on our list will most likely lose their seats simply because this is a presidential election year, and they managed to squeak out a victory in 2018 in districts that President Trump easily won by double digits in 2016.

While others will lose because of the fact that since the Democrats regained the House majority in 2018, they’ve done little to help the American people.

GOP leadership believes Democrats’ will pay a hefty price come November for spending the last two years screeching their ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ insanity. And also their attempted coup of our government by impeaching President Trump on, pardon the pun, Trumped-up charges.

For these reasons and more, Republicans see additional opportunities to also take some traditionally Democrat-controlled seats in Virginia and South Florida.

Ironically, despite the Democrats’ imbecilic claim that the Republican party is made up of only misogynist men. Our top 5 picks to flip red in November are all women.

Here Is Our List Of The Top 5 Democrat House Seats Most Likely To Flip Red In 2020.

5. New York 22nd District: Democrat Anthony Brindisi narrowly won this central New York seat by a mere two points in 2018 in a district that Trump defeated Hillary by 15 points in 2016. Republicans think Brindisi’s win was a fluke, helped by the fact he was facing a polarizing figure in Republican Claudia Tenney, who he’ll face again in 2020. But unlike 2018, this a presidential election year, and not only has Tenney gained the endorsement of President Trump, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, and House Minority Chair Kevin McCarthy. Brindisi now needs to defend his vote to impeach President Trump on the Democrats’ fraudulent charges.

4. Iowa 1st District: in 2018 Democratic Rep. Abby Finkenauer was able to flip a district that Donald Trump won in decisive fashion in 2016. Republicans are excited about the chances of Iowa state Rep. Ashley Hinson retaking the seat since she is widely known in Iowa having served as a State Representative for the 67th district since 2017 and before that, Hinson was a popular former morning TV anchor.

3. South Carolina 1st District: In 2018 the GOP was shocked that they lost this traditionally red seat during the Democrats supposed blue wave. Rep. Joe Cunningham became the first Democrat to win this Charleston district in nearly 30 years by taking advantage of a divisive GOP primary. But in 2020, there was no such animosity during the GOP primary as state Rep. Nancy Mace easily won the nomination. Also, Cunningham will now have to defend the Democrats’ 2-years long agenda to remove President Trump from office.

2. Oklahoma 5th District: Rep. Kendra Horn’s (D) narrow win in this Oklahoma City and suburban district was one of the biggest surprises for Democrats in 2018. Horn is the only Democrat in Oklahoma’s delegation and just the third woman Oklahoma has ever sent to Congress. But Horn will now be facing off against Republican Stephanie Bice who has been an Oklahoma State Senator since 2014. Horn will also have to explain to voters why she voted yes on impeaching the President, in a district, that Donald Trump won by 13% in 2016.

1. New Mexico 2nd District: Rep. Xochitl Torres Small is Democrats’ most vulnerable member of Congress right now because she’s representing a conservative, mostly rural district that voted for Trump by 10 points. And she’ll face a rematch against former Republican state representative Yvette Herrell, who lost by just 3,722 votes in 2018. Torres Small tries selling herself as a moderate who supposedly works with Trump…except for the fact that she voted against him 91% of the time, and she voted along party lines to impeach the president in December.

Other Democrats Who Won In Districts Donald Trump won in 2016

Democrats Who Won House Seats In Districts That Donald Trump won in 2016

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