The Dow Hits 29,000

The Dow soared past 29,000 for the first time after crossing the 28,000 mark just 37 days ago.

White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow said the rising stock market indicates “a lot of business and consumer confidence.” He predicted an even better outlook in the coming year.

President Trump tweeted out the great news quoting Stuart Varney:

“11,000 points gained in the Dow in the 3 years since the election of President Trump. Today it may hit 29,000. That has NEVER happened before in that time frame. That has added 12.8 Trillion Dollars to the VALUE of American Business.” – Stuart Varney

The Democrats and leftist media are focusing on the 145,000 jobs created in December because it was lower than the estimated 160,000 jobs expected:

It’s all gloom and doom for Democrats, but they cannot deny that in spite of their best efforts to harm President Trump, he’s survived with a booming economy to show for it.



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