Since Joe Biden gaffed his way to becoming the Democratic presumptive nominee, Las Vegas oddsmakers are betting on who they think Clueless Joe will choose to be his running mate.

During the last Democratic debate, the former vice-president pledged to nominate a woman as his running mate.

The latest odds were taken before the Coronavirus really locked down America.

Former candidate Amy Klobuchar opened as the favorite and Senator Kamala Harris remains the betting favorite at +250.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose odds have soared from +1500 to +325over March and April, have now completely tanked.

Gestapo Gretchen’s mishandling of the Coronavirus lockdown has made her very unpopular among Michiganians. Making her odd’s of becoming Joe Biden’s VP have as much chance as a Twinkie has when Stacey Abrams is lurking about.

Speaking of the salad-dodging Stacey Abrams. Her latest round of “Look At Me” propaganda hasn’t gone over too well.

Carbzilla’s odds are now even more remote than where the gap-toothed Georgian started from.

Who Will Joe Biden Choose As His Running Mate?

Option5/44/ 154/23/133/10
Kamala Harris+150+250+210+200+250
Amy Klobuchar+350+400+300+250+175
Stacey Abrams+1000+900+1000+500+350
Elizabeth Warren+700+1500+1400+500+1200
Gretchen Whitmer+1000+325+600+1500    –
Catherine Cortez Masto+1200+1000+900+2000+2500
Michelle Obama+800  N/A   N/A   N/A N/A
Catherine Cortez Masto+3000+3000+5000    –    –
Hillary Clinton+2000+2000+2000    –    –
Michelle Obama+3000+3000+3000+1400+1000
Tammy Baldwin+5000+5500+5500    –    –
Michelle Lujan Grisham+2400+5500+5500    –    –
Tulsi Gabbard+5000+5000+5000    –    –
Susan Rice+5000+6600+6600    –    –


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