Portland's Peaceful Protests

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz risked his life to show America what’s truly taking place inside Portland’s Peaceful Protests.

Hopefully, this video helps Americans to understand that the Democrats and their Mainstream Media cohorts proclaiming that Portland’s nightly ‘Peaceful Protests’ which only escalate due to the presence of federal troops are blatantly lying.

Horowitz’s 4 minutes and 34 seconds long video report is able to get BLM anarchists and Antifa terrorists to openly admit on camera that their chaos is a “useful tool” in helping them to “destabilize society” and “tear down the system”.

While others among the mob openly praise the violence explaining to Horowitz that the “rioting and looting” are part of of their repugnant “protesting” and “you gotta have violence,” as they ubilantly proclaim that their rioting is all in an effort to “end the American experiment” and “burn it down.”

Predictably, most of the people participating in and/or encouraging the violence and chaos were white kids.

Horowitz filmed the rioters who were using every conceivable weapon they could steal from their parent’s homes in an attempt to break into Portland’s Federal courthouse.

Launching homemade incendiary devices made from leftover Fourth of July fireworks, the BLM white mob repeatedly attempted to set the building on fire. Horowitz reported that the crowd giddily cheered with every reverberation from their improvised explosive devices going off.

Amazingly, the one person Ami Horowitz was able to find that was calling for an end to the violence was satirically a passionate black man.

The unidentified African-American was, to put it mildly, upset that a hoard of triggered white kids had succeeded in hijacking his Black Lives Matter movement.

With explosions booming in the distance, the man voice hoarse from angrily screaming at the senseless violence being done in the name of his race, by an unruly gang of white kids.

The black man did little to hide his frustration in knowing that no blacks were throwing homemade explosive devices, and by his estimate, only 2% of the supposed Black Lives Matter rioters were actually African-American.

After watching this video, the irony is not lost on me that these same white kids claiming they’re fighting to bring an end to a government that for too long have used the black community as cannon fodder. Are they themselves using Blacks as a cover for their supposed war to end America.

Horowitz also reported that he himself had been accosted by the mob of angry white kids once they figured out who he was. Pelting him with broken glass, they shouted warnings to him and other reporters that there would be “street justice” if any of them had the audacity to paint their actions in a negative light.

The video ends with a whacked-out loony-toon leftist girl saying “This is us just trying to create a world filled with love and kill off the hate,” as she watched her triggered brethren trying once again to burn down the courthouse and murder the innocent people inside

Ami Horowitz’s powerful 4 minutes and 34 seconds long video exposes the truth about what’s happening on the streets of Portland, Oregon.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that the Democrats will never watch this video, nor with the media ever report on its contents due to it being 4 minutes and 34 seconds too long.

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