Despite the mainstream media attempts to declare Joe Biden the ‘President-Elect,’ there has been only one certified loser from the 2020 Presidential election, and it’s not Donald Trump, it’s the FOX News Network.

After Fox News inexplicitly became the first media organization to call Arizona for Joe Biden, which they tried to retract later, Conservative viewers had seen enough.

Already put off by news network’s left-leaning election night coverage, Pro-Trump Conservatives started seeking out alternative channels, like Newsmax and One America News Network (OANN).

After their disastrous RINO election night coverage, things went from bad to worse for FOX News.

President Donald Trump, who like every other Conservative viewer was shocked at FOX News’ betrayal, spent his whole post-election day morning retweeting random Twitter users who were fed up with Fox News.

“Fox has been completely unfair and untruthful,” one user said, earning a shout from the President to his 89 million Twitter followers. “Moving to Newsmax.”

“Newsmax was the big winner election night. Fox lost many loyal viewers to them and have now discovered a new conservative home,” another tweeted.

But beyond Trump’s retweets and social media anecdotal evidence, there are independent reports that have validated Fox News viewers switching their allegiance to Parler and Newsmax.

Since FOX News went all CNN on Conservative viewers the news network rating has been plummeting, like Dementia Joe’s brain cells.

In fact, as we reported last week, from Nov. 9th to the 13th MSNBC’s egregious morning show “Morning Joe” who averaged 1.62 million total viewers was able to beat out Fox News Channel’s perennial rating champ “Fox & Friends” which averaged a measly 1.38 million total viewers marking the first time they accomplished that feat since 2001.

Incredibly, the ratings held true for MSNBC’s “dayside” which, for the first-time-in-19-years, averaged 120,000 total more viewers for the 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. time slot than Fox News Channel’s lineup recurrent #1 rated shows.

Hey FOX News…Can You Hear Us Now?

If Conservative wanted to send a warning shot across FOX’s News ratings bow for the network suddenly embracing their inner CNN wokeness.

Judging by the Trump supporters who recently marched on Washington D.C. then consider it ‘Mission Accomplished‘ and we’re not talking the Goerge W Bush kind of ‘Mission Accomplished’.

If FOX Is The Biggest Loser, Then NewsMax Is Certainly The Biggest Winner

Since NewsMax TV debuted it has been a largely invisible news network. But after FOX news tried their liberal jump-scared on Conservative, NewsMax has suddenly been flooded with new viewers.

Not only has NewsMax TV’s ratings exploded, but NewMax’s increases have also shown up on other media platforms as well.

After remaining practically non-existent for the past year, Google searches for “Newsmax” have spiked in the last week:

Google trends Newsmax

Also, NewsMax’s Twitter account has grown rapidly over that same period. After hardly growing at all throughout October, as of today, November 19th, Newsmax has over 700 thousand followers.

Newsmax twitter followers

Newsmax television personality Grant Stinchfield is rightfully puffing out his chest of his channel’s good fortune, stating:

“They don’t know what to do with all of us.

We’re killing it here on Newsmax with a tactic they’ve never tried. It’s called the truth, the stone-cold truth, and once you get a taste of it, you will never tolerate being lied to again.”

With NewsMax gaining steam, every fake news network critic took time out from their mocking Social Media site Parler which has gained millions of new members defecting from Twitter and Facebook, to hilariously defend FOX News.

Fake News media networks such as CNN and MSNBC started regurgitated some of their old FOX news talking points, screeching that Newsmax’s viewers are being presented discredited stories by Pro-Trump anchors.