The Sheer F’n Hubris of Michelle Obama Is Astonishing

Michelle Obama Hubris
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Former first lady Michelle Obama screeched that she’s “devastated” over this week’s shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, conveniently making no mention whatsoever of the violent riots, or the looting by Black Lives Matter, Antifa rioters that have torn Kenosha apart and left parts of the city in ruins.

Obama lamented on Friday on Twitter that American children are seeing systemic racism every day. “Sometimes they see it on the news, sometimes they see it from the White House Rose Garden, and sometimes they see it from the back seat of a car,” she said,

Guess, it just slipped her mind that American children also saw the same exact racial violence it in 2014 and 2015 while her husband, Barack Obama, was president.

Maybe This will help Michelle’s OBAMAmnesia:

CNN-Newsroom-Hands UpDontShoot-Dec13

I assume Michelle Obama Wasn’t “exhausted and frustrated” from 2009-17

Michelle Obama went on to talk about her being “exhausted and frustrated,” but seeing “glimmers of something different” when she looks at the “swift and powerful protests that have risen up around the country.”

The protests are “opening eyes, rattling consciences and reminding people of all backgrounds that this problem” won’t be solved unless “we all make a change.”

Laughably, in Obama’s revisionist American history, there were absolutely no riots taking place in 2014 or 2015 while President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden were in charge.

Of course, the reality is in 2014-15 under the Obama/Biden watch, major American city’s such as Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and of course, Ferguson, Missouri, was set ablaze by Black Lives Matter rioters.

Michelle Obama went on to urged Democratic Party supporters to continue taking to the streets as well as showing up for the November elections because the Obama/Biden administration did such a wonderful job in doing away with America’s supposed ‘systemic racism’.

I want to encourage you all to keep using your bullhorns and your ballots to reform policies in our cities and our neighborhoods

The pure fucking hubris of the Obama’s is off the charts.

it’s as if Barack and Michelle Obama have no recollection of any racial tension or America’s supposed ‘white supremacy’ taking place between Jan. 20, 2009, and Jan. 20, 2017.

Despite the Democrats pandering to the Black Lives Matter mob by parroting whatever talking point BLM put forward.

In July 2019, authors of a study by the National Acadamy of Sciences pulled information from, no friends of Republicans, The Washington Post, and The Guardian databases of police shootings, as well as directly from police departments, and the DOJ and concluded they could find no evidence of biases by the Police against Black or Hispanic people.


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