Maybe IGN should have done two movie reviews for ‘The Tomorrow War?

Because the one they did was nothing more than a ‘Chris Pratt is a Religious Right-Wing Conservative POS’ movie review.

While I can’t go into details due to spoiling the plot.

The Tomorrow War was a far better action movie than what movie reviewers such as IGN have been spewing on Twitter.

The Tomorrow War is leaps and bounds better than Netflix‘s recently released Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

In fact, I must wonder if IGN reviewer Kristy Puchko, or many of her fellow reviewers even watched The Tomorrow War before writing their ‘I hate Chris Pratt’ diatribes?

IGN The Tomorrow War Review Breakdown

First, it’s important to understand Kristy Puchko’s ability, or lack thereof, to review a film.

In her review of Cruella a movie that was universally lambasted by moviegoers, Puchko claimed “Cruella is a hell of a good time.

And while she lambasted the Tomorrow War for not explaining in detail everything single thing her mentally challenged mind could ponder.

In her Cruella review, using BIG BOLD RED FONT TYPE, Pucko wrote:

The pacing would be smoother without the many, many, scenes where Estella explains what just happened to her cohorts or in excessive voiceover. 

Not every detail needs to be doggedly explained! 


I actually agree with Puchko in what she wrote. Some movies with already bloated run times get bogged down in trying to scientifically explain how everything works.

The Tomorrow War doesn’t and rightfully so based on its 2 hours and 20-minute runtime.

Did Independence day bother explaining how an IBM laptop can seemingly connect with an alien computer?

Did anyone bother to explain how Godzilla defies the laws of physics as he’s able to walk on land without being smushed by his own bodyweight?

No, because it didn’t matter to the moviegoers who went to watch an action film about an Alien take-over of Earth, or gigantic creatures battling one another.

So when soldiers arrive from the future through a Terminator-like wormhole and inform present-day Earth that they are losing a war against demonic-like aliens in 2051 and they need as many able-bodied citizens to come to the future and fight to prevent the extinction of the human race.

You really don’t need to hear all the mechanics and physics of how everything actually works.

However, the movie does attempt to address many of the most obvious questions moviegoers may have.

Such as ‘Why are only specific people drafted, while many seemingly more qualified people are not?

And no, unlike many of the more recent movies coming out of Hollywood, those drafted to fight have nothing to do with either being ex-military or having some special ex-machina plot device that suddenly appears just in time to save the day (and movie).

But the biggest critique reviewers like Kristy Puchko seem to regurgitate is:

You’d think they’d use it (time travel wormhole) to pass along information or tools to help change the intervening 30 years and give humans an advantage against the vicious white spikes.

I assume these reviewers suffer from narcolepsy and suddenly fell asleep, since in the 2nd act one of the characters specifically asks:

Why don’t we jump back to a time earlier in the war? 

After the soldiers/scientist answer that question, the same character asks this follow-up question: 

Ok, but why don’t we have pictures or videos to help us know what we’re up against?

True, the explanation may be thin and lacking detail, but nevertheless, despite what more than a few Rotten Tomatoes movies reviewers claim.

The movie does ask and answer the very same questions Pratt-hating reviewers like Kristy Puchko claim they didn’t.

The most likely explanation seems to be that since it didn’t fit their ‘Cancel Chris Pratt’ narrative they just went ahead and ignore that part of the movie.

Liberal Hack Movie Reviewers

What’s more hysterically is how woke reviewers such as Puchko are so talentless they can’t even disguise their liberal bias idiocy.

One look at Puchko’s movie review of Netflix’s atrocious ‘Thunder Force‘ movie tells you all you need to know how far left this talentless hack sits in a movie theatre.

Here’s a sample of Puchko ideological idiocy:

“Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer have a sparkling screen presence, but can’t thrive under Ben Falcone’s utter lack of vision.”

“Wasted is McCarthy’s moment to be a superhero who is as funny and personable as she is powerful.”

So when a talentless one-dimensional actor like Melissa McCarthy, who, over the past decade, has been laying bombs like she’s hooked up to a baked bean IV, blows out another one.

Of course, according to Puchko, the movie bombed because it’s couldn’t be that Melissa McCarthy is a gimmick actor who simply does her one schtick in every single movie she appears in.

Nope, it MUST BE the Director/Writers fault, for wasting “McCarthy’s moment to be a superhero.”

Watch IGN Mansplains Kristy Puchko’s ‘The Tomorrow War’ Review



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